Those who cosleep starting from birth, did you ever transition to a bassinet before a crib? How old was LO when you did this? I love sleeping with my little munchkin, but I also know I'll get much better sleep once she sleeps in her own bed. She's 3 weeks old now and I was thinking of starting after she's a month. We have a bassinet right next to our bed. Is it easiest to start with naps? I didn't cosleep with my first in the beginning bc I didn't know it was an option haha.

K's Mommy P 1 like

Basinet is a better option when they are so young. It's a bit more cozier (in my opinion) then a crib. As your LO gets older (mind didn't fit into the basinet for too long) - start with naps to transition into a crib. Hope it helps! Good luck!!!

Meg B 2 likes

When I was too tired id put him to sleep with me and lay him in his bassinet afterwards when he was 3 months or so. If it will work for you go for it!

Perfectly M 1 like

coslept since day one but going on two yrs and never stopped lol. I suggest starting with naps. And then put her in it at night and take her to your bed when he wakes up.

Ashley L 1 like

I actually went from the bassinet to bed with me. Haha! Backwards I know. But he slept so much better with me. I just went straight to the crib after LO was 3 months and it was naps in the crib first so he would get used to it.

Allie J 2 likes

We co slept exclusively until 2 months. Then we started out sleeping in the pack and play (which is also where we do naps ) and when he would wake up I would feed him and then co sleep the rest of the night. I gradually added times I would put LO back into pack n play after night feedings. When he started sleeping longer periods (3 - 3 1/2 months) we started in crib. Now he sleeps all night in crib and we co sleep for his first nap so I get snuggle time. Almost 4 months old. Good luck!

immortelle 1 like

We did rocker napper which is like a bassinet and crib at the beginning. Since then we've let her sleep other places (pack n play, our bed, play mat, couch). Since she's slept on multiple surfaces from the beginning, she can pretty much sleep anywhere and it won't faze her lol

Jessica B 1 like

My daughter (6 months) cosleeps with my fiancé & I from time to time, but we put her in her bassinet every night from her being newborn, & we started her in her crib at 3 months, now she's in her crib all night. Besides this week because she's been teething pretty bad lol

C L 1 like

My LO went from Co-sleeping (up to four months), to his playard next to our bed. His room and crib are completely opposite the house from our room so he won't be there for awhile!

Sarah B 0 likes

I did a bassinet until 4-months next to my was easier to start with naps for a few days.

Eastons Mama - 1 like

At about 4 weeks to a bassinet and then 10 weeks in crib. Once he could go 3-5 hrs of sleeping

Veronica Z 1 like

My lo has been cosleeping since the first day he came home and still does. Hes about to be two months in a week. Im also considering transitioning him into a crib later on. Mommy and daddy need atleast a little intimacy (:

G E 0 likes

I only lasted a week or so co-sleeping. It's just not for me. My LO would sweat me out and I felt like I couldn't move without disturbing him. So our routine now is that I nurse him on one breast and then I change him and then finish nursing him on the other breast while laying down. It lets us cuddle and then when he is asleep I put him swaddled into the bassinet in our room. He has done really well so far and I've slept a lot better.

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