This might sound stupid...but I was washing baby clothes and my newborn clothes look like doll clothes they there a special way to wash them..?

K W 2 likes

Not washing but you have to dry on low. My SO shrinks Emma's clothes all the time.

Tara M 1 like

^^^ yes, agree! Dry them on a low heat setting. It'll take a little longer, but it helps keep the shrinking to a minimum! :) Learned that the hard way too.

K M 1 like

My husband shrunk all our first clothes before she was even born 😂😂

Out N 2 likes

Wash in cold and line dry

Lindsay H 1 like

I wash on cold!

Mommy M 1 like

Wash on cold water not warm not hot!

Jaxons M 1 like

Wash on cold! And dry on the lower setting!!

Julia Z 1 like

I wash all of mine on hot and everything seems to shrink a bit, so my LO is always wearing the next size up.

Linsi M 1 like

I just wash on warm & dry on normal & I haven't had any trouble

Jamie M 1 like

I wash everything on Delicate cycle for washer & dryer on cold setting with the spin and soil level adjusted to what's needed --- most times on normal unless something soiled then I do soil level on high...

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