This is my first pregnancy I'm 12 weeks and 3 days when should I start feeling the baby? When did everyone feel there first baby move ?

Michelle A 1 like

Usually from 12-22 weeks! First thing you'll feels is little flutters🥰 Im 19 weeks and I very randomly feel a lil kick or 2. I was told I wouldn't be feeling movement till later on due to my Placenta being in the front.

Naughty B 1 like

I first felt mine at 22 weeks.

Cali^Mom F 1 like

I was about 20 weeks.

Marina 1 like

20-22 weeks

girlmom x 1 like

18w with my first and 22w with my twins, I had an anterior placenta with them

Nancy D 1 like

Around 13 weeks!

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