This hair loss thing is getting out of hand :( when does it stop? I had so much hair stuck on my hair tie that I just got scissors to help cut it off :(

Robin M 0 likes

Same boat here. My shower is clogged almost everyday. Not fun.

Ruth A 0 likes

I had to cut my hair πŸ’” I was scared of washing my hair because it was falling soo much πŸ‘Ž

Tatjana H 0 likes

It's different for everybody, I didn't notice I been loosing hair until new growth started coming in. And my hair loss stopped about 5-6 month after birth of my child.

Christina N 0 likes

I am right there with yeah my little one will be five months on Monday and it's slowly starting to stop coming out

Amanda N 0 likes

My baby just turned 5 months and I'm losing hair like crazy!!! Feel like there isn't going to be anything left if this keeps up!!! πŸ˜”

Sierra M 1 like

I'm 6m pp and it's just finally slowing down . I've lost so much hair I could probably make a large dog out of it. On the upside I had beautiful hair for nine months.... It went so nicely with my swollen face and Kankles :)

Tara V 0 likes

I feel the same!!! Ugh! So gross and annoying!!! Hope it ends soon! I swear I'm going bald. Anyone know what causes the hair loss?!!

Samantha F 0 likes

I know! It does take awhile.. Feels like forever. It seems like it stopped around a year. I was breastfeeding the whole time though, I don't know if that had something to do with it.

Lu L 0 likes

I am surprised I have any hair left. Anybody knows how long will it last Tara hair loss is happening because of hormonal changes in our bodies

Karina M 0 likes

I heard it stops around the time ur LO turns 6 months mine is almost 5 months as well but I still feel like I'm losing a lot

Ashley L 0 likes

I say the same thing. And then, just to help, my LO likes to pull my hair too!

O & C's M 0 likes

I's the worstπŸ‘Ž mine lasted for about 2-3 months (from 3-6 months pp). Not much you can do about it either. It's the estrogen leaving your body... It's all worth it though!!!! πŸ‘Άβ€οΈπŸ‘Ά

Mehrnoosh E 0 likes

I guess mine stopped around 5-6 months pp.

α‘Žα—©Tα•Όα—©α‘Ž'α”• α 0 likes

Mine didn't stop until right after my son turned 2 years old. I seriously didn't think it would stop & don't know how I have any hair left!!

immortelle 0 likes

I hope it stops soon!! I'm 4 months pp and this is such a pain. My LO's clothes sometimes has my hair stuck on it :( and it's so gross Bcs im just shedding so much

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