This app isn't Really active. Why? I come on here and nothing new. People barely even like and comment. Sucks.

MommyJ 0 likes

Maybe I Think everyone Is on TikTok

Ayahs Mom A 0 likes

There is a new page for SmartMom on fb it's “Smart moms 2.0”

Mel Marie 2 likes

I loved the app cuz its private, I can talk to moms w/out ppl on Facebook seeing. But yeah totally dead. I liked the privacy of the app now it's Too open on fb so I just stopped using cuz of that.

Mandy A 1 like

It’s sucks now. Any other good apps out there??

Ayahs Mom A 1 like

Mel Marie i totally Agree

Cece A 1 like

Mel Marie I agree! I love this app and how private it is for us moms to just ask random questions or even vent. This was always my go to especially those sleepless nights like right now its 3am😬 lol

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