This a pic of my baby's cheeks.! Wtf. Thought it was acne so I got aveeno for rash or exzema but it made her worse. I don't have insurance what do I do.

Melanie K 2 likes

I would go to one of those emergent care facilities. That looks bad!

Rung V 2 likes

How old is your baby? My lo had same thing when he was 3 weeks old, dr said normal newborn rash, acne and some degree of eczema. It would get better but if it looks very angry red try 1% hydrocortisone over the counter. I don't want to use too much so I mixed with avenoo lotion and apply Thin layer.

Taryn C 3 likes

Take the baby to the Er and ask for charity care. That definitely needs to be looked at

MAMA B 3 likes

I think it's eczema and you baby has had a reaction to the lotion you put one give her a warm bath and wash her face with only warm water!! You should never put lotion on a baby's face it will clog her pours!! She should be okay I it doesn't work then take her to the hospital! Also you can try Benedril

Keisha 3 likes

Agree ^ Definitely need to see a dr.

Kristin . 2 likes

I would not wash her face. Leave water off. The more u touch rub the worse it will be. If anything put polysporn on it. It has a numbing agent and it will prevent infections plus heal.

Amy M 5 likes

I don't know if you breastfeed but breast milk is supposed to be a great topical agent.

Taylor & 1 like

Go to ER

Milly E 2 likes

Def to the doctor. She might have had an allergic reaction to something. My son had really bad baby achne i use to give chamomile baths it works wonders!!

Amanda B 1 like

If you don't have insurance, you could always apply for Medicaid. Either way, that's something your child should see a dr about and he/she definitely needs insurance!

Ashley M 2 likes

I would take to doc. Could even try walk in clinics. Looks like eczema or could be a yeast rash. Would have it checked out though. My son need per riptide meds for his eczema.

J B 5 likes

Stop putting things on her face. Even if it was baby acne it doesn't bother them and will go away on its own. When washing pat with soft cloth, don't rub. There is government insurance for babies which is free I believe. Look into it. Your baby cannot go without medical insurance, it's not safe. She needs to be seen for check ups and vaccines.

Rach R 2 likes

Just leave it alone for a day or 2 and keep an eye on it. Don't put anything on babys face anymore. If anything just use a clean soft cloth and wipe down with Lukewarm water and pat dry. It's the baby acne stage. Irritating it just makes it worse. I did something similar with my firstborn, just leave it. As long as baby doesn't have a fever or seem upset and it's not effecting the opening of eyes or a swollen mouth I think it's ok. I'm no doctor but understand U not having ins.

Kimberly H 1 like

It looks like fifths disease or slap face. Definitely take him to the dr. If it is it is very contagious but once the rash appears its almost gone. Please keep us posted.

Kayla S 1 like

My son has it also. The doc says it's just baby acne. There is nothing u can do about it.

Cathy R 1 like

No lotions this needs a prescription topical cream. Go to a pharmacy and ask if there is something medicated off the counter that might help.

Shasta G 2 likes

It looks normal to me. All my children had that rash until they were about 3 months. I'm not sure what it was but it went away and if it doesn't irritate the baby just let it go away on its own. Also idk where you live but in Ca we have medical it's trough human services. Look into it in your state for baby and you. Good luck and don't stress to much I'm sure it will go away on its own just don't put anything on it since bby skin is sensitive

Stacy 0 likes

She is seen I just pay out of pocket right now

Stacy 0 likes

She is five weeks this happened after I used the baby aveeno for rash !

Brandis G 2 likes

My daughter has the exact same thing...eczema. She developed it as an infant and it comes and goes based on her baby wash, lotion, how warm she is and weather. Use sensitive laundry detergent, soap free baby wash and hypoallergenic lotion (or breastmilk on face if you are breastfeeding). If it seems to be bothering her, take her in cause Roseola or Fifths Disease can look like eczema. None of these are serious conditions.

Kristin C 1 like

I've been using breastmilk on my baby's face rash from teething right now. Seems to be working if you bf try it

Kim P 1 like

Sounds like it's an allergic reaction... Looks like hives! Needs to be seen by a dr!

Cara G 2 likes

Looks like dermatitis. My ped told me to put 1% hydrocortisone on sparingly once a day for no longer than a week. Once the redness goes down out a little Vaseline on for dryness.

Kristin C 0 likes

Prevex is great for eczema as well. You can get it behind the pharmacy counter

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