Thinking about transitioning my little girl out of her crib. She is 1 and a half. Toddler bed? Crib with one side taken down? Or should I just get a twin bed with rails? Decisions decisions

Kestin M 1 like

I got a toddler bed on the floor when my son was around 20 months because he was getting so long his legs would stick out of the crib rails and he would scream because they were stuck.

Elizabeth . 2 likes

Is she climbing out of her crib?

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

No her crib is really low and high rails there's no way she is getting out of there. Just planning ahead

Catalina 0 likes

All of the advice that I've received about this is to wait until you absolutely have to. I'm waiting till my next one is almost due. I don't trust my daughter to stay in bed unless she had bars keeping her in. Haha!

Ty L 1 like

I got my son a toddler bed because he would climb out of the crib and dangle until he eased his way to the floor. He loves his little bed.

Jamie 1 like

I would do a toddler bed

Erin B 1 like

I would go for the twin!

Crystal Q 1 like

We switched my LO to a toddler bed at 11 months (did amazing) but now at almost 20 months I'm wishing we'd done a twin bed with the safety rails that can be purchased as he's getting too long to sleep across the toddler bed which is how we typically find him.

Mother O 1 like

Mine went from a crib to a twin

Krystal W 1 like

I was going to go right to a twin mattress in the floor at first but we got a beautiful toddler sleigh bed as a gift so we are going to use that now

Tonya H 1 like

Some people take their play pen and cut the side net out on one side then cover the top with a pretty sheet. Add blankets and a pillow and instant princess toddler bed that is ultra low to the floor.

C M 1 like

The one advantage of a twin is that you can lay next to the and read at bed time or snuggle if they need/want it.

Cheyenne L 2 likes

I would skip the toddle bed and get a twin. You'll need it eventually anyway, right?

Tay B 1 like

I'm personally just doing a regular bed, no rails. I might put it on the floor if he falls out too much. We just don't want to buy a new bed every time he grows out of one.

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