Things to help my baby pass gas? Shes 2 weeks and has been up crying and crying because of a tummy ache

Amanda A 5 likes

My son would get super gassy too!! We tried gripe water which uses herbs like fennel and ginger to settle their tummy. It really helped my son and we've used it quite a few times.

Allison C 1 like

Bicycle the legs when you change him.

Jennifer D 1 like

Also if you just kind of hold them up facing opposite you with a hand on their tummy, that always works. Or I let my SO do tummy time (but make sure baby's head is higher than the rest of his/ her body. This way they get some bonding time in as well:)

Jennifer D 1 like

I do the gripe water in the beginning and then try the other things also because it takes like 15 minutes for it to start working. Plus what the gripe water is doing is just making all the little bubbles in their tummy connect to each other to make bigger bubbles so the gripe water will work but you have to do something else to let the gas out. My DS is two months old and I'm a FTM so I know how annoying baby gas is:/

Cj L 1 like

Have you tried gas relief drops? Or switching bottles? We used the MAM bottles and my little girl has had no problems since!! Good luck!

Anita A 1 like

I used gripe water with my son. It really worked . Also the nipple on any bottle your using could be giving him too much air. If your breast feeding check the position/ latch. If not latched on properly this can also cause lots of gas.

Rijvana P 3 likes

I give my baby gripe water (read dosage) and gas drops every single day since he was couple weeks old. He is 11 and half weeks old and I still give him everyday. No harm and helped A LOT!

Jenn S 2 likes

Gripe water and tummy rubs.

Kelly R 1 like

Hi, also lay the baby on their back and bring their legs up and down to their chest with legs bending and straightening as you bring them up and down. The best way to explain is like a frog and then pull out :) starts to get things moving and advised by gastro ;)

Heather J 1 like

I tried some gas drops for a couple of days. I wasn't convinced they were working so I stopped. Ive tried cutting dairy out of my diet which seems to have helped a lot. Otherwise pumping his legs, patting his belly, and laying him across my lap to pat his back have been things I've tried, too.

Nikki 1 like

Gripe water and if your nursing try avoiding onions and garlic. It's hard for some babies to digest, like mine

Rijvana P 1 like

Avoid dairy, onion, beans and Google all other gassy food

Amber K 1 like

Rubbing their back in an upward motion seemed to help my son. Putting him on his back and pushing his legs up to his belly worked also. I have heard gripe water works great as well!

Hope P 1 like

gripe water !!

Kim B 1 like

There is a product called "windi" that has been a life safer with our son.

April F 1 like

Google infant massage for gas. It helps my son gets gassy and very fussy we do the massage and it really helps. Especially when you start moving theirs legs.

Jessica P 1 like

The windie

Benazir L 1 like

Rub belly and bicycle movement with legs. It helps with gas and going number two. It worked like a charm with my daughter and I didn't have to get her anything for it.

Liz C 1 like

Rock to sleep with baby belly up against you while rubbing back. That's what I did with my one girl first month or so until her digestive system matured.

Kayla W 0 likes

Bicycle legs and bouncing lightly after great!

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