My pediatrician said I can try formula thickening for my 8 week old. She has reflux. Vomited enfamil ar but had milk allergy.i am reluctant because she has spit up N choked on nutramigen. I am scared of worse choking in thickened feeds. Gaining weight very well and on zantac. Thoughts?

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My twins both had reflux and we tried everything! I know people who thickened feeds with success but it did not work for us. Make sure you go up a nipple size! They are both on elemental formula (Elecare) it was the only formula they could stomach! Also they were finally put on the max dosage of Prevacid and that worked.

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My almost 5 month old daughter has had her formula thickened since she was 5 days old. She was diagnosed with bad acid reflux. They tried first to switch to nutramigen and she projectile puked that. My daughter is on gerber gentle start concentrate and you add water and infant rice cereal to thicken. She does great with it. And her acid reflux and choking is at a minimum now and she is going great just starting on baby food.

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Her pain is under control but she still spits up a lot and gags on it at times.

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Is she gaining weight? If she is gagging you may want a slower nipple size. Good luck!

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She gags on the spit up, not the bottle. I am so conflicted

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Oh gotcha. It couldn't hurt to try thickening her bottle. I think we did 1tsp of cereal per 2ounces of formula.

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Thickening helps a lot. 1tsp per oz of formula. We also switched to similac soy which was awesome. Also feed ur lo in an upright position and dont do too much moving right after feeds. Prilosec also worked better than zantec

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I just did a bottle. 4 ounces with 5 tsp oatmeal. Avent variable flow nipple. No choking. No gasping. Ate at regular rate. Fingers crossed

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