The recent birth of my 2nd daughter was emergency c section for failure to progress. My water had already broke and after 24 hours labour hadn't started. They started the induction and after 24 hours on the highest possible dose of pitocin I hadn't dilated past 4cm and they said it seemed as if babys head actually moved up not down. Babys heart rate was fine but they said if I kept going I was risking infection so they recommended an emergency c section. Ladies, what was your birth story like?

Cara J 2 likes

I understand they don't want to risk anything harming the baby but I wasn't prepared for a c section and I still wonder to this day if I could have waited longer and avoided it:(

Renee S 2 likes

Planned C section!! I walked in relaxed until it was time. Had the baby and looked my best because I knew when my lo was coming haha! I plan on doing all planned c sections

Sara E 2 likes

I did a c section cz my baby was breech .. I didn't like the c section! I had a lot of pain after the surgery in the first 3 days

Sam W 1 like

I had 4 vaginal births that went rather fast but my last kid was emergency c section I was in labor for about 12 hours if not more fully ready to push then when doc checked me after nurses has been checking me all night the doc said baby was sideways in my stomach not feet first but side ways they had to do a X-ray to confirm then about 34 mins later my baby boy was in my arms . What seem to bother me was the nurses had been checking me the whole time but did not tell me that I was pretty mad

Cara J 1 like

I've heard planned c sections go smoother than emergencies. I didn't like the pain part and found it difficult. My first was a vaginal birth and even though she was 8weeks early I felt it went better than my recent c section at 36weeks. I do however like the idea of knowing when your gonna have baby so you can be prepared!

Sam W 0 likes

That was the worst part the pain after I was horrible

Melissa C 2 likes

My story is pretty similar to yours. 10 days over due my water broke but it was a top leak because my contractions were pushing him up. 24 hours later displayed 3 cm then c section. I went thro all the natural birthing classes and was certain natural was calling my name. Lol I'm happy with how everything went tho. Next one I will probably plan c sec at 41 weeks. Hoping labor will start naturally b4 then. ☺️

The M 2 likes

I had planned on having an all natural birth I didn't want an epidural or anything and my doctor seemed on board but then called me on a Monday night about 7:30 or 8 and told me to be at the hospital at 9 for a c section. She named off all these reasons till she had me scared into it but then after I had baby all those things seemed to disappear. Plus once I had my son I couldn't even get ahold of my doctor I never got my incision checked out because I couldn't even get the nurses to look.

Cara J 0 likes

Wow Sydney that's kinda terrible. I had a good doctor and good night nurses but my day nurse wasn't good. I was allowed to be discharged after I showered and took my bandage off and had my incision looked at. After my shower I called for my nurse and she said she'd be there in a minute and never came. I called again and another nurse came in. Not sure what I did to that nurse but she was not very attentive and the other nurses who weren't assigned to me were better to me than her.

Martyann B 1 like

I had four c sections. The first one was the same story as yours, water broke, labored for THIRTY SIX hours and couldn't get to a 1. The second, tried for a vbac and never dilated again. The third and fourth were planned but both came 5 weeks early! I actually recovered well from all four, I didn't think it was too terrible. The first one was the worst, oddly it seemed to get easier with each one...after so many kids the hospital stay seemed like a vacation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

AMC's M 1 like

i had an emergency c-section after 25 hours of labor, baby was too big & got stuck in my cervix & his heart rate was going up so it had to be done. i was put to sleep so the part that breaks my heart is i didn't even get to meet him till hours after he was born πŸ’”

Cara J 1 like

Aww, sorry to hear that. I think every mom just wants to hold their baby the second it enters the world but it doesn't always happen that way:(

Stef N 1 like

I was in labour for only a few hours wen the nurses said his heart rate was dropping, sometimes couldnt hear it all. After three attempts of shots to minimize n maximize contractions, he was still resisting and i went in for c-sec. I was in complete fear thinking the umbilical cord was wrapped around him. I ended up with c-sec and he had meconium, wasnt breathing and ended up in NICU for two weeks. Now 7mo plump n healthy, he is truly my miracle!

Cara J 0 likes

Wow I'm glad you had the c section and happy he turned out ok:)

Kaytee Jo 1 like

I had to have emergency abdominal surgery when I was 20 weeks pregnant on my ovaries and they told me my daughter wouldn't survive. I had a 25cm tumour on my right ovary and it was wrapping itself around all my organs so it was life threatening and I had no choice. Somehow my little fighter survived but the rest of the pregnancy was tough because recovering from having your abs split while they're expanding it hard! Was suppose to have a C Section but gave birth naturally 11 days late!

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