The holidays are around the corner and I would like to start a tradition with my son involving helping/ giving to those who are less fortunate. He is two years old but is very understanding. We are far from rich but I grew up not having much and I want him to learn the importance of helping others and being humble. What are some ideas or things some of you ladies do with you LO?

Marianne M 2 likes

My LO isn't old enough to do this yet, but I plan to. I have a friend who has her sons pick out working toys that they don't play with anymore to donate before "Santa comes" to kids who Santa can't get to. I also love the idea of picking a child from the angel tree at the mall or having LO help pick items to give to the food pantry.

Francine M 2 likes

We pick an ornament from the tree in our church and give gifts to the families in need. The kids help me pick out the gifts. We usually choose children so they can "relate." They really enjoy shopping, wrapping, and placing it under the tree at church.

Katarina O 0 likes

My son is 2 also- I want to do this but think he's too young!

Wallaby M 1 like

I'm looking for ideas too! Last year we did caroling for laney and although it was sad, it felt so great to teach them to think if other kids and families and what the spirit of Christmas is about. Local churches may have something going on that you could participate in together as a place to start!

Gabby T 3 likes

I was thinking of having him help me by tracing his hand on Christmas/ cards (since he can't write yet) and by packing food boxes to give away or maybe wrap a few toys. I also thinking of donating some of his old stuff to the AZ crisis nursery. I'm excited

Alysha B 2 likes

I like your ideas. We used to visit my grandpa & all his friends in the nursing home. I've taken my son to deliver meals on wheels. Also we've decorated the food bags for meals on wheels.

Shasta G 2 likes

We are on a budget and my two kids give up one of their toys to a kid in need. We get a child's name off the tree and bring them in together. They get sad they are a toy short but don't want another kid to go with out a toy

Jenn S 1 like

Myself and my 2 daughters volunteer and our ELKS club. They do a special friends Christmas party for the mentally handicapped. The first time we did it I only took my oldest. Glad I did it. Last year I had both girls. My younger daughter was shy but my oldest was right out front greeting them by name. She remembers quite a few from the previous years. At the end of the party my girls are "elves" handing out presents.

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