The amount of people who don't know proper car seat safety is astonishing.

JVP 4 likes

100% and as a first time mom I didn’t know either.

Logan's M 2 likes

It's one thing to make minor mistakes as a new mom. That's totally understandable. But I know one person who literally doesn't tighten the straps AT ALL. Like they are falling off both of the kid’s shoulders all the time. He could climb out EASILY. That's just plain stupidity. Anyone with a brain, even if they don't have kids, would know that’s wrong and extremely dangerous.

Yessenia O 2 likes

Yup agreed and I get we make mistakes as new parents but seriously some of it is common sense and a simple google search will help. I was a first time mom and I researched car seat safety

Kaylees M 1 like

Yes! Plus reading the Manuel that COMES with the seat. Liek the info is right there.

Christie M 1 like

Yes!!! And when you say something they look at you like your crazy. Been there

Kassidy 1 like

The ones who do know and don’t abide by it drive me nuts

Kay's M 3 likes

Yes! I have given up with my SIL... her husband is a damn cop for christ sake! They have their 16lb 19mo FF And the straps literally dont even touch her body. Unsafe AND illegal! They literally don't care. I believe in know better, do better. It's tough as a FTM and all the new information you have to learn. BUT no matter what, you still gotta learn it. People who are offended when they are told they should do better with carseat safety have their priorities seriously messed up!

JVP 1 like

Kay's Mommy I know a cop who posts on Snapchat her son. He was a yearand forward facing NOT buckled just sitting in car seat. :,(

Kay's M 0 likes

JVP I think any police, fire, etc should be trained in car seat safety. Or at LEAST (although outdated in most states) the LAWS. I wish I could ask BIL (cop) if he's ever seen an accident with young children involved. But that would be offensive.🙄 (plus I'm assuming he hasn't since there is 0 care about keeping his own child safe)

Kaylees M 1 like

Kay's Mommy JVP right! That's why when mom’s are like “I got pulled over and the officer didn't say anything, my child is fine” liek not all officers know!!! I see SO many people forward facing 1 year olds, straps too loose, saw one where the strap were buckled on the six dog the child's arms. I guess too right and couldn't get it over shoulders. Like figure it out! Obviously it isn't right

JVP 0 likes

Kay's Mommy I agree. My uncle who is a cop 27 years now didn’t even know car seats expire!!

JVP 0 likes

Kaylees Mommy celebrities get me every time! The duff girls. Their kids belts are twisted, lose, puffy coats. I'm like holy hell! 😱

Kaylees M 1 like

JVP yes!!!!!! Like 1. Doesn't it look off? 2. With all that money you can’t do some research!!

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