Taking an 8 hour road trip with my man child and two babies. Any advice???

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Mariah N 6 likes

Don't. lol jk


Yay you're back. And when you stop to take a break take the littles out . We stopped about every 2 hours just to stretch our legs. Feed and change the LOs before leaving. Bring something just in case of a traffic jam. Snacks !

Jen M 6 likes

Drug them all And enjoy the quiet

JDM ! 1 like

No advice! You are so much braver then I am!!!

Jules L 1 like

Lol you are so hilarious!!!

Coryn P 1 like

Lmao goodness. We're going visit my inlaws. I'm not gonna drug them 😜😜 I should request wine for the trip lmao!!

Amy G 2 likes

Ear plugs

LJ 2 likes

Man child haha love it Drive fast πŸ˜‰ good luck!

Olivia N 1 like

I would say lots of snacks and lots of breaks:) I'm going to CA from NV on Saturday, it's not that far just 4hours, but I'm still dreading it. Man child 😝 I though he was on drill till Monday?

A C 1 like

Haha. Man child. I have one of those too. He's usually my entertainment on long trips. My LO usually just sleeps but I always make sure to have two cups for him because he's bad about throwing them and I can't always find it right then. Snacks, extra drink for LOs and toys of some sort. My LO loves touch and feel books when we're in the car.

Andrea 2 likes

You drive so he has to deal with the babies! πŸ˜‚

O & C's M 1 like

Headphones!!!! πŸ˜‚

Coryn P 1 like

Oh he is, the trip isn't until the 24!

Coryn P 2 likes

We will definitely be taking turns driving. Lol. I'll probably drive the first half bc he works the night before. Hoping if we leave early enough the girls will sleep most of the way.

Nicole 1 like

Take a few stretch brakes. Let the little ones out and stretch. Have hubby play some games (I'm not sure of ages) I always like the alphabet license plate game!(:

K W 2 likes

Try to leave 1/2 hour after nap time. That's what always works for us. She's out before we hit the highway. For your older 1 try downloading some movies on a tablet if you have 1. I'm normally against using tablets to babysit lol but 8 hours in a car would definitely be my choice. Try stopping half way through some where the big girl can run around and burn off some energy. We travel regularly but it's only about 5 hours. Make sure your phone has some offline games for the man child lol

Cesty B 1 like

Dvr dvr dvr lol

Anna S 1 like

We took our 11 hours trip when my son was 1 year old. Left at about 5 pm when he usually were taking his second nap and were driving all night long. So he did sleep most of the time and it was not so bad

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Pack toys! Snack, milk, juice or water for the older one! A nursing cover! You don't want to be nursing and someone drive up next to you and see all your goodies hanging out!

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Musical toy helps :) or it does for my LO

Linsi M 1 like

See if you can find a park halfway so your toddler can run around for an hour (grab lunch & take it to the park with you) to tire her out. It'll make the trip a little longer, but a little more bearable too! A DVD player can help & an iPad or tablet with apps too. Snacks too! If all else fails, the Nick Jr channel on Pandora works for my girls lol. Good luck!

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Overnight drive so hopefully they sleep through for you? When we had an overnight flight it was much easier than a day one.

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They're 15mo and 2mo. And the man child is 44, he can fend for himself lmao. We can't drive at night bc they absolutely hate being in the car at night. It's miserable lol.

Coryn P 1 like

We plan on mapping out all the major rest areas. There's a nice one at the state line about halfway so we'll stop there for sure. I'm excited. I've never been to San Antonio :D

Olivia N 1 like

Have a safe trip ms coryn 😊

C M 1 like

We did a 10hr road trip when my DS was 2mo and DD was almost 2. I needed a little sleep so I slept a few hours until DS woke to BF. then we put everybody in the car and headed out around 3am. Everybody was so tired they went back to sleep right away. Except for me, of course, bc I took the first driving shift. It worked for us. Download the Gas Buddy App if you don't have it already! It's awesome. It locates gas stations and prices nearby so you can find cheapest gas.

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That sounds like a good idea, Cari, but my husband works the night before so we're leaving when he gets off around 6-7. My 2mo usually naps most in the morning so I think she'll sleep most of it. And my 15mo is happiest in the morning. I'm looking forward to it :)

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