Swim diapers - how well do they work? Best brands? Tips or advice so she doesn't poo in the water!! Thinking about summer swimming plans. She's going to be 12 months in May. Thanks!

Mama D 1 like

Following ! My son will be 12 months this summer and his nana & poppa have a pool, I haven't figured out what swimmer diaper will be best yet though

Heather 5 likes

The lil swimmers are great! I think they're made by huggies. They don't get all poofy like if they're wearing a regular diaper and will hold poop in if they go

E W 2 likes

We use huggies for swim diapers and really like them. They split at the sides so they're really easy to come off. We use Pampers normal diapers so we tried pampers swim diapers and didn't like them as much

Nattie 3 likes

I also use lil swimmers by Huggies. I made the mistake of having my LO wear a normal diaper (which is fine but the max amount of time that thing can stay wet is about 25-30 minutes) if u stay in longer, normal diapers will explode like a bomb of jelly and paper! Lol very embarrassing!

Mom Of 5 1 like

Huggies little swimmers are great.

Marianne M 1 like

We have a washable swim diaper and it works great. Caught a few potential messes! It snaps up the side for easy on/off. I'm not sure of the brand, but we got it at Buy Buy baby

Jessica K 1 like

Target sells non-disposable swim diapers. I use them for my son while he's at his swim lessons

Michele B 2 likes

I use the iplay swim diaper and love it! She did a big 💩 in it when she was 6 months old and it kept everything it!! She's 15 months old now and hasn't pooped in it since then, but I'm confident it would still keep everything in :)

D D 1 like

We use lil swimmer by Huggies. They are fantastic. They don't blow up, and they undo on the side to take the diaper off easily.

Ashleigh 1 like

Charlie banana reliable swim diapers are awesome! I have so many and I'm in love with them...we go swimming a lot


I use I play swim diapers. We don't swim often so a pack of swim diapers goes to waste.

Tess J 2 likes

We bought a reusable one that works great. It's called iplay

Mommy Of T 1 like

They work for poop but not very well for pee

Mommy Of T 1 like

Sorry let me correct myself the little swimmers are great but the reusable ones leak pee

Tess J 1 like

I thought they all leaked pee???

Mommy Of T 0 likes

The little swimmers I get have never leaked the only ones I have problems with are the reusable ones

Sahar A 1 like

How do you know if they're leaking pee or not?! There in the water.

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