Started to use the Clearblue fertility machine, and my husband is on Clomid. Has anyone else used either of these products when they are TTC and had success?

Ingrid R 0 likes

Hi Lauren, we did IUI 2times. I was the one on clomid, but I had the problem not my husband. I wish you guys the best- it is very tough emotionally! Be strong, it will happen before you know it : )

MAMA B 0 likes

I used the clear blue that defiantly works! I wish you and your hubby all the best! I will pray for your family and just remember that it will happen for you! Wish you all the best be strong momma

Ali S 0 likes

I know men on clomid have about a 15% success rate. But it depends on which issue he is taking it for? If you don't have fertility issues hopefully you two will be successful without more expensive options. Trying to conceive is extremely tough on marriages so try to stay positive. I was the issue in our ttc journey snd it's really hard to know your the problem. So try to be sensitive because he may feel bad. Good luck in your journey! You're not alone.

Michele B 0 likes

Lots of luck to you guys! Keep love and gratitude in your hearts and good things will come! We used ClearBlue with our first and just ordered it again hoping it'll help with a second :)

Rachel V 0 likes

My cousin was on Clomid for probably over a year before getting pregnant with twins via IUI. Good luck!

Danielle N 0 likes

I used the clear blue easy and I was on clomid as well, not my husband... I did 3 IUI's... We had success when we did 2 IUIs in one cycle, I did them on both days the monitor told me were my peak days

Chelsey H 0 likes

I was on Clomid and it worked for us the second round. I also used the fertility tester, which really helped. My dr said for best results start sex day 10 after your period and have sex every other day for 10 days. Good luck!

SAHMommy 1 like

I used the fertility monitor it works great! I was also on clomid for PCOS and it made my bitchy but after 7months of treatments I got pregnant and now have a beautiful baby boy. Everyone ovulated on a different day so listen to your doctors only. I did on day 22/23 of my cycle which is kinda later

Lauren B 0 likes

Well he is in the "normal low" spectrum. So that's why he is on clomid

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