Rant!! I'm so over people spanking children ! I caught my boyfriend smacking my daughter 5 times on the bare butt because she wasn't listening! He considers it discipline I think it's wrong! What's your opinon

Carrie W 3 likes

I wouldn't let a boyfriend slap my kids butt. Is he the dad ?

Haley J 1 like

I don't agree with it at all.

Coryn P 11 likes

I got ass whoopings when I was growing up lol. We plan on spanking. I don't consider it abuse at all. There is a line, of course.

Kristin N 3 likes

If it's not his child that's not right. Sorry but it's not his place.

Coryn P 1 like

Right now my LO is only 12mo. I would never spank this young. She doesn't understand yet.

Brittany T 5 likes

No he's not the dad . I was mad because he left a hand print . When I confronted him about it and told him not to do it ever again and he told me that it's non of my business. Last time I checked she was my kid

Ashleigh B 0 likes

Is he the dad or just your boyfriend?? But For me it depends on the age and what they did. Time out and taking things away don't always work ...but spanking and abuse is two different things

BoyMom 2 likes

It is wrong for him to spank your child when you don't believe in spanking especially if he's not the dad. I only plan on spanking in life or death situations (kid runs into the street without looking or something), and maybe not even then, so if someone spanked my kid for "not listening" I would lose my flipping mind.

Stephanie M 2 likes

I don't think anyone who is not the parent has the authority to make a decision to spank a child. If he doesn't agree tell him get walking because it certainly is your business because it's your child!!!!

A V 5 likes

I was spanked as a kid. I spanked my boys when they were younger. Not for every problem but they did get spankings. I don't do spankings anymore but I don't see a problem with it.

Britt . 6 likes

Discipline is needed. We were both spanked as children and turned out perfectly fine. We will also be spanking, but of course there's always a line that NEVER needs to be crossed.

Coryn P 2 likes

I should point out my parents never spanked our bare butt. Our legs got spanked and if we weren't wearing pants then that was our fault lol.

Candace M 2 likes

Brittany that doesnt sound good at all. I would not trust him at all or leave him with my child. If he isnt the father he has no right whatsoever putting his hand on your child, disrespecting you after. AND he left a handprint.... poor baby :(

Maddie 1 like

That's wrong in my opinion...

Mica M 2 likes

That's a line. Your child is YOUR business.

Stephanie B 4 likes

I don't spank, I think it's abusive and not constructive. And frankly that's a deal breaker--if my boyfriend was caught doing what yours did, and then say it's none of your business?! No way. Goodbye and good riddance.

Ceza K 3 likes

I will be spanking when it's deserved. I was spanked I had a belt taken to my butt. And I learned what was allowed and what wasn't. And if I were living with someone who wasn't the father and he was shouldering any responsibility for your daughter then he may feel he has a right to discipline. I would have set out some rules and it definitely is your call on how.

Josselin M 0 likes

Yeah he's not the dad. Do nott allow that. I'm sure if it was his own child he would feel bad to leave marks on him. It's not the same. He's young he doesn't understand. Try communication with baby first! They barely start to understand what no meansss

Brittany T 0 likes

Thanks everyone! We argue about it all the time and I just wanted too get other opinions

Christine T 2 likes

If he's not the dad then no that is not okay. I do believe in a little spanking. I was taught to respect my elders and was disciplined when necessary. I think children nowadays are not respectful to their parents and if takes a little discipline then it's worth it

Ashley L 0 likes

I believe in spankings at the appropriate age for the appropriate reasons. Never bare bottom and never someone else.

Sarina W 2 likes

I dont agree with spanking in any way. I am a gentle attached parent. To me spanking is a sign of abuse because it's hitting a child and if the same thing was done to an adult it would be a form of domestic violence.

Tina O 3 likes

I was spanked as a child. I don't want to upset anyone however I think more parents should. There is a difference between discipline and abuse. I see parents with children all the time and I do see a difference. I don't spank my lo yet because she is still too young to understand. If she touches something that I don't want her to touch. I tap her hand and tell her " not yours". Every parent is different you do whatever you feel best.

Sarina W 0 likes

I dont agree with spanking in any way. I am a gentle attached parent. To me spanking is a sign of abuse because it's hitting a child and if the same thing was done to an adult it would be a form of domestic violence.

Tina O 1 like

I do agree that if the boyfriend must respect your wishes.

Monica M 7 likes

Make a wise choice now and consider leaving him. To spank a child on a bear butt AND to leave a mark is completely wrong especially if it isn't his child! You don't want his discipline to get more aggressive and possibly hurt your child gravely. I know that may seem far fetched but I am a social worker and see it far too much. His attitude is sign number one. And you say that you all are always arguing about it? Your daughter comes first.

Amy Y 2 likes

How is it okay for you or anyone to hit your child? I'd reconsider your choice of boyfriend.

Samantha 4 likes

Protect your baby!

Ellie D 0 likes

When I was growing up I got spanked. One or two swats on the butt was our punishment. I plan on punishing my daughter the same way. BUT there Is a HUGE difference between spanking your kid and abusing them. ALSO if he is not the father, I don't think that he should be one to spank her. JS

Kelli M 3 likes

I'm sorry but you need to break up with him. Especially saying it's none of your business is a sign to me that he can't be trusted with her. End it before he does something more serious. Hope everything works out okay for you :/

BoyMom 2 likes

Oh heck no!!! He needs to be gone! He isn't the kids dad and said it was none of your business?! No no no!!! Please get out of that relationship asap!!

Brittany T 1 like

Oh I don't even leave her with him anymore . On his days off she goes too the babysitter if I have too work . I'm planning on breaking up with him due too this and other things .

Sweetest M 1 like

He should not be around your child

Anonymous 1 like

I don't believe in spanking for many reasons but most importantly because violence creates more violence. Specially if he's not the father you might need to say bye bye to him. I'm amazed to see comments approving sparking in this century when people goes to jail for abusing their kids leaving marks in their bodies and traumatized. There's a million ways to discipline children that doesn't include spanking or any physical abuse.

Pamela B 1 like

Personally.. I think spanking is good. But there is a limit to it. I was spanked as a child with wooden spoons! ( I'm Italian ) . This generation and probably the next will never know how to discipline kids. Yelling and talking to them really doesn't work. That's what's wrong with people. It is not abuse. Its the way people discipline and teach their children. I will rather spank my child than have him give me attitude or yell at him. But that's just me.

Elizabeth D 1 like

Definitely get him out of there. That is so wrong and I'd be furious. If he's doing that to your child just think about what he could end up doing to her and you!

A V 0 likes

When I spanked my kids I never did bare butt. They always had underwear and pants/shorts on. And I never left a mark. There is a line that can be crossed.

Jane S 0 likes

Very wrong and he has no right to hit your child! Better talk to him.

Alex K 0 likes

I come from a long line of spanking. Of course there is a line that should never be crossed. Like, your boyfriend spanking your LO is a big hell NO. But my husband and I plan on spanking when our children are old enough to understand right from wrong.

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