Sorry for the rant We shop for 13 kids aged 9-18 these kids are demanding money as presents now. I don't Understand how kids are such I great fun brats now. Some of these are closer family members so I ask brands they like and know the style ect for clothes. So it's Not like they don't Like the presants. And they asked this from their grandparents too. It's Crap like this that makes me hate Christmas even more then I did. My husband plans too. And atleast $30 for closefamily and $20 for other

Out N 0 likes

That's A total of almost $300. And my kids are young so I know there gifts total about $10-15 each. A pair of walmart Black Friday pj, and a shirt and pants normaly. And I never cared till these kids are now demanding cash

Elli B 1 like

They can ask for cash....doesnt mean thats what imma get them 🤷🏼‍♀️ they get what I can afford lol

Amanda O 1 like

Can you just give them the amount there gifts would be?

Out N 1 like

Elli B my husband said we should give them the cash. Amanda O my husband also feels that you have to give atleast 20-30 per person. Or it looks cheap. I normaly spend $10-15 but mainly because I get good deals.

Mel Marie 1 like

have them sit down and tell them to be grateful for whatever they get and not ask for too much since This is NOT what Xmas is about. They can always get nothing lol

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