Sorry everyone I have yet another question about the mysteries of pregnancy. My baby has always been very active since 17 weeks pregnant and the past two days I feel his movements have slowed and when he does move it's barely anything almost like he doesn't have strength to punch me as hard as before. Also when there is movement it's just his feet and legs nothing from his upper half. Thank you everyone!

A V 2 likes

How far along are you? I know further along the movements are less because baby is running out of room.

Jordan S 0 likes

Have you been sick ? With a cold or anything.. When I was 8 months my son started to slow down on the kicks.. I went two days without feeling anything an called my doctor. Did an ultrasound everything was fine. They say when your sick it makes them weak too.. She said that was why I couldn't feel him.

Nina T 0 likes

How many months? I was the same i got super worried and i even went in the emergency room to check it out... Because he was a strong baby kicks moves alot. Toward the end the belly have not much room thats why baby seem kick less. But once they monitor you can see their moving alot.

Makena H 1 like

I'm 34 weeks. That's exactly what I'm hoping. Is that maybe he's just getting squished in there.

Amanda K 1 like

I would go to the doctor just to be safe!! Cause they always tell you if you feel the movements stop or slow down to get it checked out ! Always better to be safe than sorry!

Meagan W 1 like

Baby is running out of room to wiggle more and punch you harder. It's normal. If you're concerned enough that it's stressing you out, go see your ob. You'll feel better when your ob lets you hear the heartbeat and you'll calm right down. (:

Coryn P 0 likes

Sounds like baby is running out of room :)

Makena H 0 likes

Thank you girls! I'm just beginning to worry about everything. I just want to know my baby is 100% healthy. Thank you for helping me out.

Jess L 2 likes

You should go in to do a non stress test. If they don't like the movement amount they'll send you to get an ultrasound done. But try your best to relax, I had to get this done during my last trimester and everything was fine. Just call your ob/midwife ASAP so if anything is up they can help more efficiently. Oh and drinking a tiny amount of caffeine or eating sugar can help movements if want to try something while you wait for the doc

Elle S 1 like

Always go to the doctor to make sure! Ur better safe than sorry. Trust me...I had a 37 week stillbirth and what I wouldn't give to have had a doctor catch the problem.

Jamie M 1 like

This happened with me. It could mean you are dehydrated. My OB told me if the movements slow down or stop and it causes a concern then drink A few glasses of water or OJ and lay on your side and count kicks. As long as you count at least 10 within the hour then you should be fine. If anything less then call the doctor. And Jess is absolutely right with the sugar. My doctor gave me grape juice and honey roasted peanuts before she hooked me up to the machine to monitor her movements.

Erin K 1 like

My doc said as long as u feel 10 movements a hour there's no need for concern

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