Sometimes I still feel "kicks" in my belly even though I'm 13 mo PP and every time I go WHAT WAS THAT? AM I PREGNANT? Lol a family member recently found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before giving birth so I'm paranoid I suppose.

Chelsea A 3 likes

Phantom kicks 😊 totally normal I get them too!

Jordan C 3 likes

I've done that before. lol Just about gave my husband a heart attack considering I was only 5 months PP. I think my mind and stomach were playing tricks on me. lol

R 1 like

3 weeks before giving birth? Oh goodness I'd be in such a frenzy. 😬

Dani D 2 likes

I felt a phantom kick for the first time the other day! Made me miss it πŸ˜” lol

Mariah N 1 like

Apparently she thought she was in menopause. I would panic so bad.

R 4 likes

It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I can't even watch that "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show. Makes me nervous.

Danielle A 2 likes

I miss the kicks! The most intimate thing!

Mariah N 2 likes

Especially the ones that pop out a baby in the shower or something? 😩😫😳

Laura L 0 likes

Same thing happened to me I took 3 pregnancy tests what made it even scarier was I had skipped my period that month ....

Gabriela A 3 likes

STOP IT!!! Did their belly not get huge? I can't even imagine how they absorbed those news lol

R 2 likes

Or hiking in the woods! Goodness gracious. Bless those women. I'd be having a heart attack then really be in a pickle.

Mariah N 2 likes

She didn't get very much bigger at all and it's not like she's a huge woman! Just a little chubby maybe. She has a 24 year old daughter and one 4 year old with her new husband but she was done having kids. Even gave me all her baby stuff but we had to send it back lol luckily she's a very calm woman bc I would freak out.

S M 2 likes

I get that too!

R 1 like

She must be the calmest woman on the planet. Bless her, haha.

Erin B 2 likes

I have these all the time!!!!!

Sarah S 1 like

Totally glad I'm not the only one it has been freaking me out too the past couple days lol..

Erin B 1 like

It literally just happened. Even my fiancΓ© heard it from the couch. Like someone dropped a ball in my stomach. So weirdddd!

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