So yesterday we noticed that my daughters head was fulll of lice :(! My husband works all day so i have to deal with this on my own, and take care of my one month old! :(! What is the best way to get rid of lice ?

Amelia 1 like

I read to use tea tree oil!

Melanie 1 like

Oh my! Sorry to hear that. Since your baby is so young its not good to use any chemicals. It'll be best to remove them yourself. Wet your baby's head, put some conditioner and use a fine tooth comb and gently comb through the scalp removing what you can. Wash all baby blankets, crib bedding, etc.. Good luck!

Jessica D 1 like

I feel for you. Went through this with my son at the end of school last year. I got this stuff called RID at Walgreens. Worked great. Follow the directions. After that every night for about a week or so I would wash his hair like normal and then load it up with conditioner. For some reason lice hate conditioner. And I would use the comb and keep going over his head until I didn't see anymore. I did this every night. I had to wash his bedding every day until I was 100% sure it was gone. Good luck

Jessica D 1 like

After a week all the lice were finally gone. It's hard but be patient. I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time. Here is a picture of what I bought at Walgreens.

BoyMom 1 like

How did she get lice at 5 weeks? Poor baby!!! I would consult her pediatrician because of how little she is

Cc O 1 like

My 3 year old has lice, my 5 week old doesnt have it sorry for the confusion

BoyMom 1 like

Oh gotcha! My sister tried RID and it did nothing for my niece. I think she used lice md or lice rx? Something along those lines. Then used a hot blow dryer on her hair nightly for a few weeks and kept her hair in a tight braid with hairspray when she was around other kids

Holly S 1 like

Load the hair up with Tea Tree oil, put a plastic shopping bag or shower cap on and leave it for about a hour, comb with lice comb and pick out all the nits, wash, and repeat for a week. This is the only thing that ever worked on me, the stuff the doctors give you work like crap.

Melanie L 1 like

My little sister got it bad once. Nothing worked. Even an rx What works-Vaseline for 24 hrs. Then use dawn for a few days to get the Vaseline out. Vaseline is totally safe and dawn is too.

Melissa K 1 like

Yeah nothing is safe for an infant that young, you'll have to take her to the peds and get a script! You'll be thankful later, their scalps are so sensitive the chemicals will cause burns!

Roseanna S 1 like

I've always heard to cover their heads in mayonnaise and let it sit for several hours. It suffocates the little suckers. Then you just wash it out and you're done.

Kali G 1 like

Ladies it clearly says her 3 year old has lice!!! Not the 1 month old!! Read carefully

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