So what do u think about circumcision? I don't want to circumcise my baby because one it just seems a bit harsh n two my boyfriend isn't circumcised. I feel as my lil one grows up my hubby can teach him how to properly take care of that area and have a visual lol. My mom wants me to and have talked to me and my boyfriend about it. I will do what whatever me n him decide regardless but was wondering what others thought.

Kai 1 1 like

Fyi I'm 31 weeks pregnant, babies still in the oven 😊

Erica H 0 likes

My son is circumsized, when it was done as a newborn he only cried for maybe 3 minutes. It is easier to clean and all that, but it's really a personal preference thing. If your man isn't then he should know enough about it to be able to keep it clean, they'll also give you tips and advice before you leave the hospital.

Salina A 0 likes

I did mine for religious views... But if you don't want to do it then don't. Remember you carried him for 9 months and he is your son. It's not a necessary procedure.

Katie T 4 likes

It's your choice but it heals much quicker than you think. I was so scared to have it done but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Mallory 7 likes

I didn't circumcise my lo. God made him that way for a reason.

Ariel G 0 likes

I would ask men. I mean they know what it's like to have uncut or cut. Your son won't remember and yeah it will hurt but that will pass. My boyfriend has twins, both cut. Society has deemed uncut "unattractive" it's a personal decision.

Rijvana P 1 like

We circumsiced our son on day one. Saw cases where ppl don't do it when they are born and then they grow up and regret y their parents made that choice. Life is just hectic and that is one less thing to worry about later on! It is totally your choice but just think about baby when he will be older and he will want to do it but then it will be too painful to do that time. Oouch!

Ariel G 0 likes

Me personally, if I had a boy he would be circumcised.

Mom O 1 like

Its healthy for boys to do it And when you do it when they are babies they don't feel pain we did for our son from second day after he born

Morgan T 3 likes

I circumcised my son for a couple different reasons. One being that my husband, his dad, is and I didn't want him to feel different from his dad. I know that may sound weird but all little boys want to be just like their daddy's and we felt that that could be an issue. This is our first child so we don't do everything right haha but I don't think personally, there is an issue but it's definitely a personal choice that has to be made 100% by you and your boyfriend. The healing isn't bad fyi.

Mom of Boys 2 likes

I had both my boys circumcised. According to the doctors it's healthier because it stays cleaner. There are concerns that it can cause desensitization in the future but idk I have never met an adult that I knew was circumcised to prove this. It's not something I would ask a man lol. I'm sure it might be painful at first but it's a pretty quick process and I think it really does help keep them cleaner to avoid infection. My husband is not circumcised but he agreed to it for our boys right away.

Isaura R 5 likes

I agree with Mallory God made him that way, plus I don't see a reason to do it

Shawna L 8 likes

I am really not one to say much or start arguments but please don't say that if God wanted him that way he would do it. It clearly states in the bible to circumcise your sons. I am not saying those who don't are going to hell or anything I am just stating that in reference to saying you don't change your child cause of God.

Skylar K 2 likes

I'm just glad I had girls πŸ™‹ not sure what I would do lol

Amy T 6 likes

I had people give me a lot of crap about not circumcising my son but none of my brothers are circumcised nor is my husband. Everyone says that they are too young to remember the pain but when I heard my little cousin's cries of pain every time his diaper was changed it hurt my heart. As far as cleanliness I expect my husband to show him when he is older. Side note: both his pediatrician and my gynecologist did not recommend circumcising him.

Alisha J 1 like

My LO had his circumcision when he was 3 weeks old, wasn't bad at all & I was terrified before . It healed a little after a week and honestly by the 3rd day after the circumcision he didn't even mins diaper changes anymore . Happy I did it bc before he had it done I had to constantly pull back his skin & clean inside of it

Ashleigh 0 likes

I didn't get my son circumcised. I think it's silly to go cutting off prices of our skin that we were made with. To be honest circumcision is rare was more popular years ago when people thought the penis would be dirty and such or for people who were religious. It's not a big deal now a days. As for when he's older...there will be a mix of boys with and without circumcision so he will be fine. In the end I would say don't do it. We're made this way for a reason!

A S 2 likes

I did it because his father is- and I think him & his gf will thank me later hahaha. Seriously. Your choice though at the end of the day!

Tiffany P 3 likes

My son is not circumcised. My husband is, but he felt very strongly that we not have it done. His main reason was it isn't necessary, and he also always wished he had never been circumcised. The doctor said there is really no medical reason to do it, as long as he cleans it properly. There are rare cases where a child will develop frequent UTI's and have to get it done later on, which is obviously not ideal, but as long as you teach him how to keep it clean it shouldn't be an issue.

Jasmyne T 5 likes

I didn't for my LO because for 1 I think it's best for LO to be like their father since I mean they do learn from them in that area that was my most important reason and 2 because I heard that circumcised boys tips are super sensitive and could be a struggle when potty training and transitioning to underwear. It may or may not be true but it's your choice πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Karrine D 2 likes

You do what you think is right. If he doesn't like having foreskin then he can remove it when he's older. I heard that boys with foreskin are more likely to get UTIs but I'm not sure. If you're uncertain about circumcision you can talk with a pediatrician about the pros and cons.

Kathy M 0 likes

We chose to circumcise. We wanted him to match his dad and we feel it's more hygienic. There's also a reduced chance of cervical cancer in women if there partner is circumsized I believe.,

Chelsea S 3 likes

God made him like that for a reason! Didnt circumcise my baby. You can go watch a video on youtube called an elephant in the hospital. And also im not trying to scare you but my nephew is circumcised and he has a buried penis now. The doctors cut too much and its buried now

Mallory 3 likes

It absolutely does not state that in the Bible, my friend Shawna. Please, show me where in the New Testament it says that.

Shawna L 1 like

Read the book of Genesis chapter 17 the whole chapter is about the covenant of circumcision.

Shawna L 1 like

Well I'm sorry you pick and choose what part of the bible to live by

Kai 1 5 likes

Thx guys for all the great feedback. I immediately felt I wasn't going to because my boyfriend wasn't, came out perfectly fine and figured the baby can learn from him. My boyfriend was a lil concerned because of what my moms said n others opinions n he felt kinda bad. I reassured him it is totally up to us, I'm completely fine with his uncircumcised penis and if it hasn't caused him pain or health issues growing up I feel the baby should be just fine and like his daddy. πŸ’™ thx again

Mallory 3 likes

Corinthians 7:19 For neither circumcision counts for anything nor uncircumcision, but keeping the commandments of God. No need to be snotty Shawna, I was merely stating the reason I did not circumcise my child. As we are all entitled to our opinions and reasonings.

Mommy Of T 0 likes

I did it at the hospital same day he was born he is fine and only cried for a sec then he was fine

Brenna M 0 likes

The healing process is painful but the health risks you could have by not being circumcised are much more painful. It's an easy heal and it's not like he will remember it. He def won't be mad you did it.

Tiffany P 2 likes

Well said Mallory :)

Shannon S 3 likes

I don't feel it is necessary. I never had my son done. And honestly chances of it getting "dirty" or risk of infection is just the same as someone who is circumcised. It's all in how you take care of yourself. To me it is a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary. I also can't justify paying $250 (where I live and this was 7yrs ago so it may even by more now) to have a piece of skin cut off my son.

Alicia C 1 like

I did because my husband was for it - same thing wanted him to be like his father. It's your own preference. We had a friend who had to have it done at 12 because of an infection but I am sure this is quite rare. Not to give TMI but I constantly got UTIs with my ex who was not & never get them now. Not saying that was the cause but could've been. My son had no issues & wasn't upset when we changed him. He healed quickly. Bad things can happen either way but I think both are rare circumstances.

Kai 1 5 likes

Omg lol god and circumcision discussion on a post I merely asked for an opinion not a debate on god n religion. To go out ur way to bicker back n forth is unnecessary because I completely understood the woman that said if God made him like that n didn't need to get into some weird religious argument. Ladies we r talking about a penis, lighten up. 😏

Alicia C 3 likes

I'm not one to say anything about God and such - I am a spiritual person but using that as an argument is not valid. We do so many things to change our appearances, maintain ourselves, surgeries etc that it should never be a statement used when someone is asking about a decision they would like to make. God made your teeth that way- don't get braces, and the list goes on!

Mallory 1 like

Lol it is valid. And it's my reasoning. And I'm entitled to it. And that's all I have time to go back n forth on this. Good night ladies! 😘

Natalie D 1 like

I didn't circle my son its a personal choice but fyi the area doesn't take any special cleaning just like inside our lady parts don't need to be scrubbed good hygiene is enough once he's older

Nely R 1 like

Your actually helping him by doing it. Trust me. He'll thank you one day

Natalie D 1 like

Omg people who are commenting about pulling it back before they are circ should know that's a huge no no u should never pull it back not even to clean it it can cause harm !! Please research what ever direction u chose to go make sure u know how to take care of it either way n don't rely on your baby's dr to know everything a gf of mine sons dr pulled his back n it cause permeant damage

Alicia C 2 likes

I'm with you Mallory no reason to go back and forth! We all have our own opinions/values and beliefs. So we can agree to disagree :) have a great night πŸ˜„

Jordan C 0 likes

I think it's a completely barbaric and cosmetic surgery forced on perfect newborn babies. Not one organization in the world recommends infant circumcision. 117 babies die each year in the United States due to circumcision. It's medically unnecessary, risky, and painful.

Jordan C 0 likes

Your son has a greater chance of dying during his circumcision than he has of ever actually needing to be circumcised.

Nely R 0 likes

Not really^ put your trust in God and the doctor. One your helping him by not getting infected Two looks and feels better for him 3. Grows better instead of him going thru pain as he gets older and start having sex.

Jordan C 3 likes

Nely, you might want to educate yourself a little more because pretty much everything you just said was incorrect

Mom Of 5 0 likes

I think it is a personal decision. My husband knew someone who had to get it done as an adult because of an infection. Ouch!! So because of this and because my husband is we decided to have it done to our boys. As far as the Bible goes there are some laws in the Old Testament that no longer apply you need to read the old & new. Circumcision, what to eat & not eat, etc.

Tara M 0 likes

Eeeek! Anteater looking penises are disgusting !! Clip that thing !!

Stacy C 1 like

I told my partner it was his decision, I don't have a penis. But I did help him research the pros and cons. Since my partner is circumcised, we decided to circumcise our son. Research says he would have fewer questions and concerns if he "looked the same as daddy".

Linsi M 1 like

It's a personal preference, plain & simple. No need to bring God into it. If I have a son, he will be circumcised. I worked in a hospital birth center & assisted in a lot of them & most (not all, obviously) of the time the baby was sleeping. Good luck & congrats on your new baby boy πŸ˜„

Kai 1 0 likes

Thx everyone... Last night me n my hubby had a discussion on it and decided to keep the baby uncircumcised. My boyfriend isn't and we felt the baby can learn from him. Read up on cleaning and it's pretty basic for babies. Ur not suppose to push back the foreskin, it will happen when child is ready. Just keep good hygiene and baby should be just like his daddy. Plus visually it doesn't bother me n I'm pretty sure he will be fine as an adult, his father had no issues lol.

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