So what are your babys gonna be for halloween ? ! I need ideas

Cristine C 0 likes

Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Heather M 1 like

I need ideas as well his first year he was a cute ketchup packet lol and last year he was a race car driver so lost what to do this year

Leos Mom F 1 like

This is for my LO!!

Leos Mom F 1 like

Look at this one

Brit 3 likes

We really want to be Bobs Burgers characters but I think my babe is too little to be Gene😂 Husband said he wants him to be a penguin, I'm thinking if we can find an alligator costume that'd win! My family is crazy so we joke we're spiders/alligators. It makes no sense but it's go with the family weird, at least.

Leos Mom F 1 like

I really like this one as well!!

Jordan C 3 likes

Our daughter will be going dressed as a little Indian ☺️

Lauren Q 1 like

My stinker will be a minion!!!

Chrissy H 1 like

My lovie is going to be a strawberry

Jess B 0 likes

My LO will be tigger :)

Gemita B 0 likes

Elvis Presley for my LO

Brittany B 0 likes

A penguin!

Kayla G 0 likes

A crawfish

F T M H 0 likes

A cabbage patch kid

Stephanie D 0 likes

My son is going to be the scarecrow and I'm Dorothy 🙋🏻

Haily&melanie’s M 0 likes

I'm between a pumpkin or Dorothy And me Cinderella and SO as Prince Charming

Haily&melanie’s M 0 likes

Not sure yet me the tin can girl and her dad the lion

Kelli M 0 likes

I'm dressing my chunky cheeked baby girl as a cabbage patch doll. I'm so excited. Look up ideas on pintrest.

Kelli M 0 likes

I love the bobs burgers idea!!

Boymom 1 like

My son will be 1 right before Halloween and he will be a dinosaur. He loves dinosaur train :)

C B 0 likes

This are all greT ideas

M S 0 likes

My LO is gona be pebbles so flinestones family theme for us (:

Mommy O 0 likes

My 6 year old daughter wants to be a doctor My 4 year old son wants to be Ninja Turtle My 3 month old son making him be a sheep lol ( why a sheep, becuz he is the year of the sheep.) lol

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