So today I bought vitamin D milk so that I could start weaning my 11 month old from being bf and I don't want to give it to him yet lol I'm not ready :/ Ps.. I know you should wait until they are 12 months

Charo C 1 like

I get stressed just thinking about the day I will no longer bf my twins. I have three months to go and like u will begin at 11 months

Eileen C 1 like

I'm glad I'm not alone

Eileen C 0 likes

Thank you :)

Charo C 1 like

It's such an amazing bond!! Are u doing half and half or going straight to whole?

A W 0 likes

You're not alone! I couldn't imagine my lo getting anything else for a while. Weaning is harder on mom I think... Just go as slowly as you need to. Breast milk will give her what she needs for as long as you give it to her. You can supplement her diet with other foods.

A W 1 like

Him* :)

Crystal H 2 likes

You can still breastfeed while giving whole milk. You should only be giving 500ml a day (16oz) of whole milk. So if your baby wants to eat more that two 8oz bottles then you'll be able to BF.

Heather S 2 likes

I switched cold turkey when my son was around 11 months. I had no issues, if it helps warm up the regular milk and mix it with breast milk to help with the transition.

Heather P 1 like

yes I warm up milk for my 11 month old. He's adjusted fine to it. I introduced it to him when he turned 10 months I think

Eileen C 1 like

I am not planing on cold turkey just a little at a time, we are in no rush

Eileen C 1 like

I'm only going to do a couple oz a day

Heather P 1 like

that's perfect. but i know it's emotionally hard to stop with the BF!! :(

Eileen C 1 like

It is! And I didn't think it would be. A couple weeks ago I couldn't wait and now I'm on the fence

Marykate M 0 likes

I was told to start with an oz then move up every few days along as baby does alright with it and I mixed it with the formula. So day one would be 6oz of formula 1oz milk

Eileen C 0 likes

I am breastfeeding

Allie I 0 likes

I believe if you love the bonding and just don't want to stop, why would you? There is no hard mom rule stating you have to stop at 12 months. If you go to 15 mos that is what you and your baby need. Sometimes it not just just for nourishment but for bonding.

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