So the AAP just changed their opinion on sending and keeping kids with lice home. They say children with lice shouldn't be sent home or kept out of school because it's not a serious illness and not worth interrupting their education for. What are your mama's thoughts?

Samantha M 5 likes

Nope. Stay home.

Mommy T 7 likes

I think anything contagious they should stay home. It might not be serious but if we can avoid all the kids getting it then I prefer that

Damien's Mom 3 likes

Thinking it's not a serious illness but why spread it? It is not only very time consuming to get rid of but can be expensive as well.

Lex 5 likes

That's so gross. Stay home and deal with it there. No need to contaminate 200+ other people 👋🏼

Erin B 1 like

Just don't wash your kids hair haha. Jk!! I hate lice. But I agree I don't think they should stay home. Just tell them not to share things

Katie M 2 likes

😬 I don't think I like that because they can spread from child to child and make it harder to treat. little kids want to play and be by each other, You would have to isolate the kid who has it in the classroom I feel like in order to assure their classmates don't get it. I don't think staying home a couple days to kill the lice is as bad as it spreading thru a classroom. And having to pay for everyone to treat it

Brittanyyy G 3 likes

Stay home when I was younger there were 3 separate occasions where someone came to shook with lice and school was closed for a whole week because more than half the kids had lice.

Cassie L 4 likes

Stay home!!! That spreads like wild fire! I had it when I was younger and they sent me home the same day, used the shampoo and comb, washed everything and went back the next day.

Jordan C 3 likes

They need to stay home. It's not a serious illness but it's still something that can spread to other children.

Gabrielle E 3 likes

Wtf?! How is it okay for your child to be at school constantly itching their heads and touching everything including other kids?! How is it ok for a kid to be at school with their head filled with little bugs? Plus the embarrassment for the poor child? Little kids are mean as hell and have no problem with out casting someone with lice, would you want to be around someone with lice? Might as well stay home and take care of it and send them back the next day.

Mommy of two M 3 likes

Um no stay home ? There's no need for more kids to get lice

Meghan B 2 likes

I'm a softball coach I had to tell a girl on my team she could not play until it is gone completely it broke her heart but it's better for her to get rid of it than to spread it to 12 other girls on the team

Baby M 3 likes

It is too expensive to cure and too contagious. Stay home

Jacqueline L 2 likes

Stay home the lice can become a horrible problem for schools

Logan's M 2 likes

Yuck! I'd still keep my child home. I wouldn't want it to spread to others.

Mrs. H 2 likes

Stay home for sure. Lice may not be a 'serious condition' but it is a serious pain in the ass & extremely uncomfortable for anyone.

Mommy Of T 2 likes

That's crazy!! They should for sure stay home if I found out someone at my kids school had live and they were letting them go to school I would keep my kid home...I don't want that in my house!

Ally B 0 likes

I will be taking my child home if I'm told they found lice in his hair. Caring for other children is our responsibility too. If we don't care for each other, then stupid laws like that can ruin the society.

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