So my husband and I are going to start TTC in June or July , I have RA and have to detox my body before TTC we are so excited but I am wondering if I could do a VBAC after having to previous c sections ? Would it be safe with me having RA? ALso if my Dr says no, could I asked to be out to sleep during my c section instead of a spinal because my spine is sensitive from my RA ?? Thanks so much 😊

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I think your doctor is the best person to ask about VBAC and anesthesia. I know some docs will not do VBAC. RA complicates things a bit, too. I can't answer your questions, but I suggest asking for second opinions from other doctors until you've got a birth plan that you and the doc are happy with.

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Thank you!👍

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You can always ask your dr. The worst they can say is no. I hope it works out the way you would prefer though.

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Have you heard of the app, First Opinion? You can text with a doctor. All their doctors are moms as well

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First of all yay! Congrats! On the detox front I highly recommend dr. Terry Whals protocol. Similar to the autoimmune protocol diet - I found jt awesome for my autoimmune disease:detox needs. Second the biggest challenge will be finding an MD willing to attempt a post 2 VBAC - this is determined by training, location and also your medical history. If you are having hormone triggered flares this impacts also... Lots of factors. We can discuss in more detail if you want.

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Ok thanks!! So do y'all know about the spinal thing ?? I am just worried. Bc my spine is very sensitive

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If they put you to sleep the anesthesia goes to you baby very quickly. The baby needs to be out in min. Most babies will not want to breath and have very low Apgar scores due to the anesthesia. It is always a last resort I wouldn't risk it. And VBACs are so dangerous for baby AND mommy. also not worth the risk of brain damage and hemmorage. Baby's safety first! Just things to think about

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