So my 6 1/2 month is eating some solids and is BF. I know I'm supposed to BF first then feed solids but after he nurses, he is full and not wanting the solids. What am I doing wrong? Also since he's BF, I have no clue how much milk he's getting each day. Especially since he's on the breast every 2-3 hours still, is that normal?

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It's totally normal, your baby is probably drink about 3-4 oz at each feeding but, if you really want to know you can weight baby before and after nursing to check. Also, don't worry so much about when your baby eats solid food, just offer it and if they do that's great if not, breastmilk is very nutritious so don't worry so baby gets older your baby will eat more solid food.

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What I did was three meals a day, where I tried to feed my son solids and then top him off with bmilk: All snacking in between was bmilk. Bmilk is digested a lot faster then formula. When it comes to knowing his intake, I understand that concern since I also had it. I was told check the color of his pee, if clear and regular full diapers then good. The darker the more he needs hydration, also check his stools textures. Hope this helps!

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You're doing great! I agree that your baby is probably getting between 3-6 oz each time. And the solids are just for fun now anyway. You don't have to do it RIGHT after nursing...maybe halfway to the next nursing session...

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So should I BF first then offer solids right after? Or can I nurse him and then wait an hour and offer solids then?

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@amber fitz

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Hi, My doctor's office gave this class on how to introduce food to your baby. They said that between 6-9 months you should be breastfeeding or bottle feeding before giving them food (because THAT'S their main source of nutrition). And that giving them food, is just to get them used to textures and stuff (not really for nutrition)

Stephanie P 0 likes

Oh and mine really didn't eat a lot either... But after he turned 9 months it all changed. You'll see! But now he's in this difficult stage + teething so that's another story. Good luck!

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I have a 6 month old, and I usually give him solids right before we eat dinner, then his bottle. He gets those puree food packets, and he only eats half in one night, then gets a 5oz. bottle of breastmilk (I'm exclusively pumping to bottles). We only give him solids once a day right now, but will increase it soon. Maybe try solids before BF just once a day?

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I started my daughter with cereal in the morning then over time added a fruit at dinner time. I nursed the rest of the time

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I nurse them first then offer a solid an hour later he will probably only eat an ounce or two in the beginning

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You are not doing anything wrong. All babe needs for the first year is BM. Food before bot is for fun. I am sure babe is getting plenty of BM. You would know otherwise. Is babe happy & thriving...? That's your answer momma!! πŸ˜‰

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I feed my daughter solids then nurse. It works better that way for her. Otherwise she was getting too full and not wanting them. My daughter is 6 months old too. You could also wait a bit between the nursing and solids. Good luck!!

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I nurse then offer solids an hour or so later but what works for you maybe different. Just make sure you are still getting full nursing sessions since baby won't be getting all the nutrition they need from the amount of solids they take in at 6 months.

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Thanks mamas! I think I might try to BF then wait a bit and offer solids. that may help me to eliminate nap time nursing/ pacifying on me lol he eats 5:30am then ready to nap at 7:15am and nurse or pacify on me to sleep! I will nurse then offer solid maybe he will be still come naptime

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My dd gets up nurses then about 1.5hrs later get cereal with fruit and then nurses again. I give her 3spoonfulls of cereal mixed with two spoonfuls of fruit or veg and breast milk mixed together. This'll she's going to two meals a day with nursing. Trust your instincts mama. :)

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I always nursed first then waited like 30mins or so and then offered solids except for bedtime then I offered solids for dinner and then nursed but, I have a very hungry little boy who eats everything:-)

Erin S 0 likes

Yes my guy is very hungry!! He's 6 1/2 months and 20lbs

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We just started cereal with our 4.5 month old and his ped said to do solids then BF. I had always thought it was the other way around and she said it doesn't really matter since it's really just about getting him used to eating, and not about the nutrition. Since his cereal is mixed with my breast milk, I wasn't too concerned about the order. So far he's wanted to nurse about 30-45 minutes after his cereal.

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I think the idea about feeding breast milk first is that baby's body can process almost all of the nutrition in it, where as with solids baby's body is not able to break down and use a lot of the solid food at least until they are older.

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At 6 months he should be drinking every 4 hours. Try to make him last... Slowing and gradually. Feed him solids one hour after the BF. That's what I did... But also maybe he's just not ready for solids. Every baby starts at a different time. Look for the signs (does he look at you eat and opens his mouth? Try to grab your spoon from your mouth?...things like that) good luck :)

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BF first as someone stated because solids are only for fun and they should fill up on BM instead of solids until 1 year. You can wait 30-60 min after BFing if you want to give him a bit of food. With my LO I started with the mornings. So we would get up and I would BF and then give her some baby cereal then would be almost nap time.

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Great advise ladies!!! He wakes at 5:30am an nurses so today I gave 1tbs oats and 1tbs pears and hour after he woke. He loves to eat solids he eats solids at dinner too he's more than ready!! Actually he gets mad if I dont get the spoon to him quick enough

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As for his nursing every 2 hours I don't know how to change that... He wakes 5:30 nurse he naps at 7:30am and wants to nurse to help sleep. Then again around 10:30 then at 11:30 to nap. Then around 2:30, 3:30to nap then dinner at 5:30 then nurse again at 7 and before bed at 8. But he sleeps from 8-5:30 without waking

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