So just cool story I thought id share: in middle school I was abused by my parents. I rarely showered and wore the same outfit. So a girl targeted me and bullied me HARD for a good year. We were 11. Now were 18 and in HS. I moved away for years and just came back sat by myself at luch and a girl offered a table. Sat down w her and the girl who use to bully me recognized me!!! 😳 crazy. I just can't believe it it's so weird. She's cool now we talked etc but isn't it so strange? Lol okay bye:)

Hannah M 2 likes

Your a teen mom? Wow!!! Very grown up!! From the comment you made about tv and meals I thought we were the same age, or you were older!! I salute you mama for taking such an active roll in your child's life. I know a few teen moms and moms in their 20s that dont take care of their babes at all. And wow!!! Still in school too!!! Be very proud!!!

Jennifer M 0 likes

It is weird great story I would've told her hey" aren't you the girl that use to bully me just then again that's just me crazy how life is

Perfectly M 2 likes

Hannah, thank you so much! It's very rare anybody mentions my being a teen mom, and when they do it's usually negatively. Yes, I'm finishing my senior year for my baby girl 😘. I want the best for her and that requires a diploma and college! I've done intense research since the day I found out I was pregnant on all topics. From when to start solids to how the brain works. I've researched it all:). Thanks so much :) yup teen mom. Pregnant at 16 now I'm 18.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Jennifer I did say that. She said I know you and I said omg you're the girl that used to shove me on the playground when I always snitches on you. Her friends called her B**** and she apologized and explained she was going thru difficult stuf at home. I don't fault her.

Emma 0 likes

I thought you said you were 20. I didn't know you were still in high school. Bullying is terrible and can hurt for a long time. Sorry you had to endure that but neat that she stopped being so mean.

Perfectly M 1 like

Emma yes. And no if I ever said that it must have been a mis type? I have iPhone so it autocorrects me the WRONG way often lol and yes bullying is bad but I'm glad she's nice now.

Emma 1 like

Also good for you for staying in school and deciding to go to college. Your LO will appreciate it one day.

Coryn P 1 like

Props on doing what's best for your baby! My parents had my sister when they were 16 so I totally respect teen moms who really give it all they've got! Sorry you had such a rough time when you were younger :(

K B 1 like

Very proud of you for working so hard. Your daughter will see what hard work, and love, can do. Great that you've handled yourself in a respectful way and not held a grudge towards your friend. We never know what's going on in someone's life do we? I'd wager she had no clue what you were going through either.

Guadalupe V 1 like

Sounds like she matured that's good that you are finishing school a lot of teen moms don't go back I had my first at 16 second at 18 and now my 3 month old at 31 I didn't et my GED or my diploma witch I regret now but I went to school for medical asst. and did that for 14yrs and now I'm a stay at home mom and loving it good luck

Stephanie L 0 likes

Wow, what a story! You have already endured so much at a young age! Kudos to you for continuing with your education and doing the best you can for your little one!

Perfectly M 0 likes

Thanks everyone :)

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