So I'm supposed to start a work from home job today which is great I can be home with my kids, but my 2 mo will not let me put him down for even 5 sec! I can't get any work done. Even if he falls asleep he wakes up screaming as soon as I put him down! Help!!!!! I don't know what to do! We really need this money!!!

Sarah * 0 likes

Did you try a carrier?.... Also if you put him down to keep him a sleep try running the vacuum cleaner! (That was my BFF when my so was little) it helped put him to sleep and also kept him sleeping!!! It was like magic lol

Robyn N 0 likes

I personally had the same problem. What I have done is put my LO on the floor for tummy time or put her in her swing and it worked for a little bit or I would let her cry for a little bit. Sometimes she would find something that distracted her for a while.

Serenitys M 0 likes

Wait about 20 min after he falls asleep to put him down. Try swaddling him so he is snug and doesn't really feel when you put em down.

Krystyn H 0 likes

Ok so it's telling me several people answered this but I don't see the answers?

Tracie Q 0 likes

Have you tried any baby wearing? Maybe invest in a ring sling or woven wrap. Facebook/baby wearing 102 is a great group!

Lauren @ 0 likes

Sometimes it take a bit for the answers to show up. I would try wearing your 2 month old. I loved my Happy Baby Wrap (very similar to the Moby Wrap), and I've heard great things about the Ergo, as well.

Krystyn H 0 likes

I can't wear him because he would be in the way and he doesn't like it.

Serenitys M 0 likes

how about a swing?

Krystyn H 0 likes

Yeah I've tried the swing too. He just always wants to be held!

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Wear him. Get a bjorn or similar. Target has a good Chico brand one for $40. I take my 2.5 month old to work with me and when hes awake and not in his rock n play or pack n play I wear him.

Krystyn H 0 likes

He's in the way if I wear him,plus he doesn't like it

ProudMom M 1 like

you are just like me nothing works with my 2 month baby😥😥😥 i can barely do anything at home but hold him all day long but he also has severe acid reflux

ProudMom M 2 likes

He is so cute

ProudMom M 1 like

its si uncomfortable to carry him un one of those carriers cuz u right they e on the way n u cant do anything

Krystyn H 0 likes

Omg! Mine has severe reflux too! And thanks! I love him more than anything but it's so exhausting and I really need to work!

ProudMom M 0 likes

I know i hear u , same here my LO doesnt let me do anything but anything at all he screams bloody murder if he wakes up n im not holding him its very exausting here he takes zantac but i see no difference😪😪😪😪😪

Krystyn H 0 likes

Yeah mine takes Zantac too and it helps with feeding but he still wants to be held ALL the time. Even when sleeping! Sounds like we're in the same boat girl!!!

ProudMom M 0 likes

same here i guess it helps with feedings but still he just want to be held yeah we are in the same boat just hang in there i guess we just have to wait it out however my doctor sent me to see the GI so i go next week ill tell u how it goes Dr wants to make sure nothing else is wrong but the Acid reflux

Krystyn H 0 likes

Good luck :)

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