So I'm going to try to start my son on homogenized milk instead of breast milk. He's almost 13 months. He's not a huge fan of milk... Anyone have any suggestions?? I put him to sleep at night and naps by breast feeding him... I'm stuck:( ps. Won't take a bottle from me and daddy works out of town.

Amanda T 1 like

My daughter hated milk from a bottle but loved her sippy cup. It takes time and patience to transfer to something new

Rachael H 0 likes

Try adding a small amount of choclate sauce? It's just a thought. XD. I don't know if this is a good idea. I mean, don't add a HUGE bunch. Just a little.

Kristen 1 like

Yea I would say try sippy cup! My son loves his sippy cup and he is 13 months old. We do no bottles!!!

Nadia M 0 likes

Yes definitely the sippy cup. Bottles r not good for their teeth at that age- you can flavor it with cocoa or grenadine.

Kylee P 1 like

My 13 month old uses sippy cups he only uses a bottle when he doesn't feel well.

Kristin . 0 likes

My son loves sippy cups. Just not the milk I put in them. He will drink some but he pulls faces. I'm sure it will come I just have to be patient

Kristin . 0 likes

Thank you ladies:)

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