So I'm due in march.. Any tips on how to budget for a newborn? What are must haves for the baby and what can wait until later on ?

Julie H 0 likes

We have a 3 week old boy. So far I'd say my ergo baby carrier with the infant insert has been very helpful. And plenty of spit rags.

Annie H 1 like

In my opinion, you don't need wipe warmers or video monitor or diaper genie. Must haves are lots of onesies, a soft/low night light for baby's room, a rocker, and some type of swing or rocking/vibrating seat! I shop a lot at elementary schools in spring and fall when they have giant sales of gently used items mommies are selling. Do you live anywhere near Northeast Ohio?

Annie H 1 like

Congrats, by the way!!!

Kay P 0 likes

Must haves: carseat, cosleeper, click-connect stroller (if other brands have, I use Graco-carseat goes right into stroller so easy), BURP CLOTHS-tons!!!!, bibs, onesies, longsleeve onesies, pants, KNEE socks (LO can't kick these off! Judanzy on Amazon-love them), a&d "prevent" for butt, Boogie wipes, many bulb syringes (cvs has one where it disconnects to clean!!), a swing/rocker, Dr Brown's 0-6 binkies (only one that stays in mouth), Summer infant swaddleme blankets

Elise M 1 like

With it being Christmas sales and all take advantage of buying diapers and wipes when they go on sale! You know they will get used I loved pampers swaddlers (the front scoops down and does not rub the babies umbilical cord) and Kirkland (Costco) wipes

Amanda T 0 likes

My must haves: swaddler (like the Velcro one in hospital), plenty of diapers and wipes, sleepers, swing, and bouncer. You will most likely find that your new LO won't sleep in a bassinet and you really don't need a crib until they can roll over. A pack n play can wait until your LO can crawl. Good luck! Hope this helps!

Kristian G 0 likes

Get a bassinet and than wait until he's older (6mo or whenever you feel really or have the $) and than buy the crib. My baby is very highneeds (clingy lol) so my Moby wrap has been a savior. Check out local thrift stores (most towns also have stores that are consignment/thrift stores specifically for babies/kids) you can get things there much cheaper if you need to and just do some good cleaning. I got two infantino baby carriers for four dollars a piece!

Liz C 1 like

Diapers, wipes, clothes, baby shampoo, baby cream, baby brush, thermometer, baby tub, bassinet or crib, baby Tylenol, bottles and formula (if not breastfeeding or supplementing), receiving blankets for spit up, swaddle blankets (awesome ones sold at Carter's or 'borrow' a few from hospital), pacifier. Those are the basics that I can think of. Congrats!

Jessica D 0 likes

The best at home use "burp cloths" to get are the cloth diapers. You can find a 10 pack at target or Walmart for like $14.. Summer swaddleme sacks are awesome! Also, at babies r us there is a great summer tent for the car seat that's great to protect them from weather and germs..

sheila L 1 like

My favorite swaddle sacks were the woombie for my little guy. I swear by the zippadee zip sack to transition out of the swaddle when they are older. Both helped him sleep through the night!

Rosalyn C 0 likes

If you drive a car seat is a must. I'm from NYC moved to GA so it's night & day. No matter what a carry on. It's so much easer to carry the baby on you at this age then buying big strollers with the carrier. That not also a car setThis way your hands are free. A tub. Nothing to over the top he will be out of it very soon. Sleepers & onesie for the baby. little hats/bootees . Save your money on buying lots of newborns outfits. Yes cute. Drift is $15-20 to wash. Or go old school ivory Diapers lots

Jenn M 0 likes

You don't need all the things that are advertised. Just diapers, wipes, clothes, pack n play, bottles. I got sucked into all the popular stuff with my first but now I'm on my 3rd and I shop at goodwill and consignment shops

Rosalyn C 0 likes

If you can stay away from the pacifier trust me you will pay for it in the long run let your child learn how to make himself feel better or you help. But look it up. Also a good book is what to expect when your expecting. Got it for our 3 year old as a joke from my 23 year old whom I'm paying $5000 to fix her teeth...just a FYI smh but that book coved everything and some lol If your not breastfeeding still give your Colostrum ( first milk) you can rent a pump at hospitals or Wic office.

Ashley L 0 likes

What I use the most... Burp rags, a little swing, the sleeper onesies with the feet on them. Obviously diapers and wipes. Don't forget to buy perfume and dye free detergent. I use ALL free and clear. And my little guy uses gas drops and gripe water a lot. He has tummy issues. Nail file or clippers, whichever you're more comfortable with.

Stacey S 1 like

I never used a bassinet but I share a room with my daughter that's why, I never used my wipe warmer either, my daughter loved her swing she pretty much lived in it for the first few month, obv. Lots of diapers/wipes/onesies. I use a&d ointment when I change her diapers and I can honestly say she has never had a diaper rash(she's 12months) I also used clothe diapers as like a burping clothe cause they are bigger and are less liking to get spit up on you. Pacifiers.

Stacey S 0 likes

Also a tub, and I have the Vics cool mist humidifier that I'm always using and also use as a night light, and the baby Einstein sea soother for the crib, I use it every time my daughters in the crib and I think it's a life saver! And congrats too you

Clare B 0 likes

U really don't need a high chair until they can sit on their own. Or even toys until they are old enough to actually play with them.

Elise M 0 likes

A nose Frida! It works so much better than the bulb the hospitals give

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