So I was curious and wondered if any of you had the answer. This is my second pregnancy. In my first, I started feeling kicks at 20 weeks. With this one, I started around 16. But there's this girl on my Facebook saying she's feeling the little baby kicks at 6 1/2 weeks. Can someone please explain to me how in the world that is even possible? I thought the baby didn't even have legs at that point and is the size of a seed.

Abby M 0 likes

I'm pretty sure she is not feeling kicks that early! Maybe she is having gas bubbles or something and thinks it's kicks!

A V 4 likes

It's probably gas bubbles that she feels.

Amanda M 4 likes

She's lying!!! The baby doesn't even have legs yet!!

Blessed M 2 likes

Seriously! Hahaha

Alyssa S 3 likes

Hahaha I just died lol I think it's either muscle spasms(kinda like I get now because of phantom kicks lol) or gas. The baby is like an alien still there ain't no legs to kick. It doesn't even move lol maybe she meant to put 16?

Lex 3 likes

That's a lie šŸ˜‚ I'd comment saying "that's just your farts you're holding in" ahaahaha omg poor girl.

Nata C 1 like

Lol lol lol. Remember that Allstate commercial? Here comes my date ... I met him on Internet. Yeah ...don't believe everything you see on internet;)

Mommy Of T 2 likes

She is not feeling kicks that is waaaay too early!

Olivia H 1 like

This girl really is pregnant, but mind you she had text me a few months ago thinking she was pregnant because of this symptom and that symptom etc and that her "dog was being protective over her belly" and then she found out she wasn't even pregnant. I don't understand why this girl is exaggerating pregnancy so much??? šŸ˜³

BoyMom 3 likes

Lol she just has gas :)

Leslie H 2 likes

Lol! There's a girl on my Facebook who says the same thing šŸ˜‚ I barely started feeling kicks at 20 weeks! I'm 26 weeks now I feel this little girl all over the place šŸ˜Š but not possible at 6 weeks, no way šŸ˜‚

Madeline B 0 likes

It might be her muscles stretching or gas. babies don't really have "legs" that early

Caitlin V 1 like

Not physically possible at 6 weeks. She's just being superstitious.

Chrissy G 1 like

She's misinterpreting those sensations as fetal activity. Way too early to be feeling those.

KW ā 1 like

She just has gas. šŸ˜† what an idiot! Lol

Katie M 1 like

Sounds like she's someone that needs a lot of attention from people. The only problem is she lying about something tons of people have experience with and it's not possible.

Libby L 1 like

Hahahahaha i hate when people do that. It's like, hello sister the rest of the worlds mothers know you're lying. Take some tums and have a bath, those "kicks" she feels will go right away. It's obviously just gas. I didn't feel a kick until like 22 weeks.

Henrys M 1 like

Hilarious, but almost feel bad for her and the baby, she needs the "what to expect" book!!!

R S 1 like

I don't think they even have legs that early This is my 3 and i did feel movement at 5 and 6 weeks but it was mostly like bubbles if that makes sense....I could tell there was something there but definitely not kicks

Wendy R 0 likes

I'm just about 34 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and it seems like I always forget certain things and when u can feel the kicks was one of them. Two of my drs told me that usually not till ur about 20 weeks and even then ur pretty much the only one that can feel them yet. They also said that women who have had other babies can feel them a little sooner at about 16-18 weeks and that's only because they know what there feeling for. 6 weeks, is a def, nope šŸ˜Š

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