So I recently sign up for wic, and my daughter doesn't like the formula they provide us with, she get diarrhea and throws it up, any advice ? She's using enfamil gentlease, and the wic provides us enfamil infant formula 😓😓

Shadeara H 5 likes

Tell her doctor . They will have them switch it .

Saleen L 4 likes

Really? He doctors will give me a note to wic?

Lyla H 1 like

You can always ask to change it, or find someone to trade with. Switching one can for one can is okay to do.

Shadeara H 3 likes

Yes the doctor can prescribe her a certain kind

Mommy O 3 likes

Whenever I go into wic they always ask me if my babies are still taking the same formula. You can have your doctor sign a note as well.

Betty F 3 likes

Get the doctor to write a note that the baby is allergic to the regular formula that the baby needs to use the gentlease and then give it to the wic office and they'll switch the milk for you

Priscilla A 3 likes

Yes if the doctor writes you a note WIC will change it but it has to be a medical reason which he can note that it makes baby sick.

Bec J 1 like

What is wic?

Faith A 0 likes

When the doc give a note Wic is not allowed to go against it

Faith A 1 like

Bella. Wic is a government help program. They provide formula and baby food up until your LO is 5 years old

A V 1 like

When my boys were babies Wic would change it as long as I had a note from the doctor on a prescription paper.

Bec J 1 like

Same as Medicaid? Just asking because I don't know.

,....... . 1 like

Doctor can write a prescription and they will cover it

TaylorGrace's M 1 like

You can tell them She's on gentleease

Saleen L 1 like

They said they don't offer gentle ease 😓😐

Stephanie W 1 like

The dr will have to write a prescription

Ciara B 1 like

JUst ask the wic office to change it. No biggie.

Lex 2 likes

Wic is such a pain in the ass. I absolutely hate dealing with them.

Out N 1 like

Yes Drs note and wic has to provide what dr says or similar but different brand depending what brand they use

Jessica K 1 like

Get a dr note!!! Had to do that for my baby since he's on similac alimentum

Isabella M 1 like

They'll do it as long as they get a note. We had to do that with having Nutramigen.

Chantelle G 1 like

Yep, as long as you have an rx they will give it to you! My daughter was a preemie and had to have LOTS of special things and they gave it!!

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