So I read that a lot of people include a bath at night in the bedtime routine.. How many of you actually do that? My baby is 3 months and I give her a bath twice a week, I feel like bathing her every night might not be so good for her skin.. Plus, it's a huge production every time!! Any thoughts?

S.mama 1 like

I only do 2-3 times a week. My baby girl loves bathes but her skin gets so dry. Even using cream.

Mommy B 1 like

I give my daughter a bath 2-3 times a week also. I'm afraid my daughters skin would dry out if I have her bath every single night.

Carmon C 1 like

I only bath my babe twice a week. She gets way too dry.

Tiffany C 1 like

I bathe my son every other night. It is good for a routine thiugh

Lauren P 1 like

I don't. I bathe her once a week and she showers with me maybe twice a week. If I did it every night she would be covered in cradle cap 😳

Nicole 2 likes

I bathe my son every night. I don't use soap every time though.

Emy G 2 likes

I bathe my 2mo every 2 days around 8pm

Jamie 3 likes

I do it every night as apart of our routine! His skin is fine and helps him sleep so much better

Roseanna S 1 like

I bathe my little man every night. I've been doing it since his cord fell off at five days and haven't had trouble with dry skin. He's ten weeks now and loves bath time. He'll play in his bath for at least 30 minutes every night.

Jordan C 2 likes

My 11 month old gets a bath every night as part of her bed time routine.

Nikki B 1 like

I do it every other night ... It's a huge production as well and Lots of work but calms my LO down and helps him sleep better at night

Mommy Of T 1 like

I For us it's part of the routine every other night

Baby G 1 like

Every night!! I bathe myself everyday why wouldn't I do it for her? Just lots of lotion!!

Marianne M 1 like

I didn't start a daily bath until my dd was about 8 months old and mobile enough to get a little dirty. Until then, just 2x a week. I actually found that baths wound her up, so we've stuck with the morning bath.

O & C's M 1 like

2-3 times a week max is all your LO needs at this age.

Shana V 1 like

My son is 15 months, he's been getting baths nightly since his cord fell off. Even if I just put some bubbles in the water and let him play that's all he wants, he expects it and he helps calm him down at night.

Sami 1 like

I bath every night before bed. I only use soap half the time. And I usually give her a bath in the morning cause she gets oatmeal everywhere.

Nadia S 1 like

Both my girls get baths every night I wash their hair every other night unless they play outside then I wash their hair that night. But they do get baths every night if I don't they have he hardest time going to sleep

Britney C 1 like

We bath every night. I think a lot of the dry skin has to do with what soap you are using. If your using a soap with alcohol and formaldehyde in it then babies skin will dry out (as well as if you follow with lotions with the same ingredients) we once ran outta our soap and lotion and used one we got in the mail as sampled and holy moly it dried her out quick!

Cassie H 0 likes

I do it as a routine on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights and follow bath with lotion. I still use the lotion on the nights she doesn't get a bath as part of the routine though.

Angie . 1 like

We started it and had to stop bc it dried his skin to my surprise he still went to bed nicely with a bottle music and a book

Logan's M 0 likes

I live in California and we are experiencing a major drought; so, we've given up a nightly bath to conserve water. It helps establish a calming bedtime routine, though, and helps keep bedding cleaner longer. If you're worried about your LO's skin being too dry, you can help seal in moisture by applying lotion liberally after each bath. We also love using The Honest Company's organic body oil (

Haley W 1 like

We do it every 3 days and on the other nights get a warm wash cloth and just wipe her whole body down and lotion after just like we would if she got a bath.

Kathryn C 1 like

I do every night. My son spits up a lot so we got into a habit. He loves them.

Ethan's M 0 likes

I have done it since he was born, it really does help him sleep better, my doctor even told me I could bathe him twice a day, I leave in florida and it is really hot. If you are worried about the skin drying put some lotion afterwards.

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