So I know you are supposed to get 10 kicks in an hour and babies move less late in pregnancy but I just strongly feel my lil one barely moves. I will get some light movement occasionally but he is very quite lately. He has been an active baby since 17weeks. I also have a heart monitor I use at home when I don't feel him or can't wake him up and his heart rate is fine. Should I be worried or am I over thinking things?

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If you live alone or are home in the quiet by yourself a lot it could be that your baby thinks it's night time. Try keeping the house filled with noise. Listen to music or have the tv on while working around the house. Keeps the baby active during the day and sleeping at night. Same for when you have the baby. Their sleep schedule will mimic that of when they were in the womb!

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This happened to me too! If you apply pressure downwards on the top of your uterus it should make the baby move. That's what my doctor told me to do! Don't stress out too much though, it's just because baby is running out of room. :-)

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Call your doctor if you strongly believe your baby isn't moving enough. Better to be safe than sorry. I always called when I was concerned about something, that's what your doctors are there for.

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My midwife never did kick counts, every baby is different. But if you are concerned call your doctor. Personally, the more pregnant I got, the less I felt and after week 35 the movement was very different and much slower.

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Although babies do stop moving as much towards the end if you're worried talk to your doctor and be very clear. I told my doctor I was feeling less movements and the doctor didn't understand how much less I meant. I ended up having an emergency csection becuase my son was no longer growing and his heart rate was dropping. If you think there's something wrong talk to your doctor! Better safe than sorry!

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Thank you girls! πŸ™Œ you all are awesome

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The last week of pregnancy I think I felt 10 kicks a day. If you're worried, let your doctor know. We weren't too concerned. She didn't have room to move.

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My doctors told me to drink orange juice, or something sugary, and sit in the car with the bass turned up. He said that the sugar should make the baby hyper and kick, and the vibrations from the bass should make the baby move as well.

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Having a heart monitor should provide some comfort. It is scary not having things be the "norm" but if everything has been checked try to drink lots of fluids it try something like music or juice and see if that helps

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Drink orange juice and see if the baby moves more! This worked for me sometimes... But late in pregnancy I didn't feel her all the time.

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How far along are you? There's not much room and I thought his hiccups helped me more than the kick count lol

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