So I have 7 days till my Due Date, this is my first kid and I'm so scared! How was it for y'all, did contractions hurt? Did labor hurt? What about after giving birth where you still hurting? I will be having an epidural, so does that help? And during delivery, how does it feel? Sorry so may question, just really nervous😁

Amy C 1 like

I was really nervous as well I'm a planner and everything new I can't handle. It's true what they say thought your body and mind is built to handle it and you will handle it. When it is all said and done you will never remember the pain just remember that you were in pain. I got an epidural as well but I don't think it worked bc I still felt everything but it was helpful to feel it bc you knew when to push. I would def get an epidural again though in a heartbeat. Honestly the worst part about...

Mom of Boys 2 likes

Don't want to scare you but yes, yes, and yes. However, there is an instant relief once the baby is born. The after math depends on how your delivery goes. If you have to have an episiotomy it will be more painful to recover but if not you may just have some cramping and need a little time to get back to normal. If you have an epidural you shouldn't have much pain. I never had time for an epidural with my vaginal deliveries so I was in excruciating pain but I had one with my c-section and I was

Sarah B 0 likes

I totally get the first time mom jitters! Everyone is different but my contractions felt like I had to poop really bad, but that was it. My water broke and that's the only reason I knew I was in labour. The epidural is AMAZING! I slept through my 12hours of labour! The worst part was definitely the recovery after, but only because my baby was bigger than my hole wanted to be and I ripped. :( It is SO worth it though! When you see your baby for the first time it will all be worth it. :)

Amy C 1 like

All of it was staying in the hospital for so long (4 days) and only being able to walk up and down a hall way I felt like a caged bird. As corny as it sounds just don't think about it too much just be confident in yourself and trust your instincts you will know when it's time. I think it also helped that I was 5 days late bc I was so done at that point I just wanted to meet my little guy.

Katy M 2 likes

if you want to, all i have to say is EPIDURAL.

Mom of Boys 1 like

Numb. You just feel sensations but no pain. You will be ok your body was made for this. Don't stress about it. Focus on your LO finally being in your arms.

Katelyn❤️ E 1 like

Eh I got induced and I got the epidural which didn't even help I felt by baby come out and rip my vag lol. The worst part was after because I had a catheter and that shit hurts a lot. Well it hurt me a lot. I got stitches but once the catheter was out (2 days later) I felt so much better. And my stitches dissolved in a week! I felt so good

Alice S 2 likes

Every birth is different. Focus on you and bringing that baby into your open waiting arms. Think of each contraction as a pressure wave that is bringing your baby closer to you. Don't focus on the horror stories. People love their dramatic element. You'll have your own great story to tell!

Jaemie K 0 likes

Don't be scared. The scariest part is not knowing because you've never done this. Yes it hurts, yes it's hard, but it's not unbearable. How much it hurts is relative to what kind of pain you've experienced and how high of a pain tolerance you have. No one can really answer that for you. But let's just say, I birthed naturally by choice and am choosing to do it again naturally (currently 6 months pregnant with baby number 2!). It hurt, yes, but then it was over. You got this! :)

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Yes, it hurts but the epidural will make it much easier. I felt practically nothing after I got mine. Recovery is a little painful too but it's not that bad. Don't freak yourself out. It won't be nearly as bad as you think even with the pain. When the time comes you just focus and get through it. Once that baby is in your arms, you won't care about the pain at all.

Loan P 0 likes

It's like a really bad period cramp during contraction, my epidural didn't work, I felt all the pain but my labor was short. Wasn't bad thinking about it now...a really bad period cramp is what I felt it was like, good luck and congrats!

Hillary M 2 likes

The one piece of advice that someone told me and helped SO much is to accept the contractions and breathe through them. Like low moaning exhale. (At a certain point you don't even care) Don't fight them. Your body was made for this! Mentally accept that this is all part of the process as your body and baby communicate the delivery and be present.

Babygirl G 1 like

The epidural was a godsend but you wont remember how bad it hurt before that and after is really bad 2-3 weeks then totally better by 2 months - again once its over youll forget , seriously though good call on he epidural idk how people do without it

Brittani C 1 like

Contractions hurt but as soon as I got the epidural I couldn't feel a thing labor was seriously cake! After it wore off it did hurt for a couple of days. I had to get stitches but it's so worth it. My daughter is 8 mo old and I would def do it all over again. I was nervous at first too. Everyone's different though.

Stephanie W 1 like

I kept telling myself I would live through it. No pain meds. I wanted to know what it was like for the generations before me. Had to know I could do what they did. Basically tho it's hard and it hurts but you will live and have a miracle in your arms when it's over.

Mama Of Princess 1 like

Honestly I prepared myself for the worst, though it was going to be horrible and it was not really that bad. Every situation is different, but it's amazing what the the body can do. I was exhausted was in latent labour for three days at home and then active labor for 12 hours and 2 hours of pushing and I just became a beast lol. After labor I couldn't walk anymore than a few feet but that was ok because I had my beautiful baby to cuddle and love. Whatever happens in labor just goes away when

Mama Of Princess 1 like

You see your little one 💕

sarah E 1 like

Had an epidural with my first and natural with my second you will do fine good luck to you hun! :)

Nicole S 3 likes

Like some other lady's said every birth is different. I had an epidural with my first and didn't feel much except pressure and then with my second I had no time for the epidural and I felt EVERYTHING. I must say though I recovered way faster the second time without any meds. Yes contractions hurt but nothing terrible and I'd do it again in a heart beat!

Alexandrea L 1 like

Thanks Everyone, y'all definitely made me feel better(:

sarah E 2 likes

now matter how delivery turns out for you Just Know They are worth every moment :)

Ana V 1 like

I had the same questions and I was freaking out it only made it worst beside I had other thins going on it made my pregnancy be induced , it does hurt, and yes get epidural , walk if you haven't start to help you out , and also after you give labor, pain medications they work magic and it does nothing to the baby if you decide to breastfeed, breath and relax when your going into labor so your cervix opens up and it's easier rest as much as you can you'll need it good luck to you

Amber P 2 likes

Everyone's labors are different! Epidurals are amazing! I slept through my labor once it got going and woke up and 40 minutes later my baby was here! On a side note, I also had to be induced at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia therefore she was only 5 pounds which made it easier to get her out! Just remember the breathe!!

GG 1 like

The epidural really helps if you get it. Don't focus on the fear of the pain, focus on the outcome. You can do it and your going to do great! It's all worth it. I promise. Good luck and congratulations. Being a mom is the most amazing experience in the entire world in my opinion.

Jenn L 1 like

Get the epidural !!!

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