So I go in at 10pm on December 18th so start the induction process, my husband will want to be there of course but we have a 3 year old, I have family about it 1.5 hours away. Should I take her over there and then also till when? They're more than willing to watch her and for however long, they're use to seeing her all the Time and hate that I moved, Should I get her once I'm out the hosptial or before then so she can meet baby sister?

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Maybe take her in that morning before you go to the hospital to get induced, and id say bring her back to meet her new sister while still in the hospital and let her know you'll be taking the baby home too!😯

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Take her somewhere special for lunch the day of and then drop her with family. Get some rest and a long hot shower before going to the hospital. Then ask a family member to bring her by the hospital to meet baby. But I wouldn't bring her home until you are settled in with baby. That's what we did 4 months ago with my son before I went to the hospital to be induced.

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