So I asked about kids nickames- so now do y’alls kids have any other names for y'all except mom/mommy/mama? My LO started calling me MommyMila I said it as a once as a joke (not even close to my real name) but it stuck! So now him & SO say it almost everyday! 😂

Tabitha C 1 like

Bully butt my son calls me haha

Kailey M 1 like

I'm momma to both of them. Mommy sometimes. When I was nursing Jaxson I was “human bottle” guess who made that ip 😑😑😑

Clarissa K 1 like

My SO calls me babe and if I'm not answering my 5yo, he'll scream babe to get my attention lol

2Sweet B 1 like

My LO calls me honey sometimes

Ethan's M 0 likes

He asked me the other day if he can call me poopy head 😂 huh??? NO! 🤣😭

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