So I am 37wks and my boobs barely leak. Does that mean anything like I'm not producing any milk or colostrum?

Maggie F 4 likes

No everyone is different. Once you have the baby, it will come.

Shide' T 0 likes

Thanks ladies! I was getting a little worried.

Allie J 2 likes

I didn't leak while pregnant

J G 0 likes

Not to worry! Everyone is different. Stress will adversely affect BF experience so just trust your body you will be fine :)

New M 2 likes

Im late but no it comes later

Carolynn V 2 likes

I never had any leakage at all while pregnant and breastfed both my children for 1 year each!

Paola O 2 likes

I never leaked at all

Emy G 2 likes

No. I didnt leaked. You will produce instanly as soon as you deliver and bf your baby !

Ollie M 2 likes

I didn't leak when I was pregnant. But by the time I delivery, I have milk immediately. Don't worry!

Brittney E 1 like

I've leaked 3 times at least and I'm 38 weeks. It's totally normal but every woman is different. :)

Andy 1 like

Normal! I never had any leaks. Delivered at 41 weeks and all of a sudden had colostrum for baby 😊. Milk came in normally.

Ali S 2 likes

Never leaked and made plenty of milk for my twins! Don't leak now and am not too worried about supply!

Tay B 0 likes

I never leaked in either pregnancy and I have zero supply issues. Birth hormones will tell your body to start making milk as soon as baby is born.

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