So frustrated...I had a miscarriage early 2014 and we have been trying to get pregnant ever since and I have had no success. Can I see a fertility specialist for help? (I have a 3year old little girl)I have been talking to my OBGYN and doing everything he suggests but no luck!!! Help! :-(

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De-stress!!! Stress is a huge inhibitor.

Sara S 1 like

Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? It is a great book for all women to read. It's a great guide for pregnancy achievement as well as overall fertility and health.

Kelli M 1 like

Sometimes just relaxing and not stressing about it will make a difference. You can ask your doctor to see a specialist but I think they wait till you've been trying for longer. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Hope everything works out for you! :)

Melissa C 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

Melissa C 0 likes

I have been mediating a lot so I'm also helping that helps! It's 3 days before my period and I took a test and its negative. Just waiting. :-/

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