So for my daughter (14 weeks) I was wondering about ear piercing. All of my friends got their daughters done around 3-5 months. She never bothers her ears so is like to do it asap. Her pediatrician office said not to do it till 6 mo earliest but you should wait till she can speak her opinion!!! CRAZY!!! When/where did you take your girls? And did you do surgical steel or 14k gold earrings?

Jessica C 0 likes

Just got my daughters done at 3 months and it was the perfect time. She doesn't touch them or even notice they are there. I got 14k gold and clean them twice a day and they haven't been red or crusty.

Wallaby M 5 likes

Why is it crazy to wait for her to have an opinion on this? It is her body after all ... Although I understand that ear piercings could be a cultural thing, it is still a procedure that causes pain and has its risks. What if it was the norm to pierce babies noses? Tattoo them? Where would we draw the line?

Ceza K 2 likes

My mother pierced my ears when I was really young and I've always wished she hadn't. Not only did both my ears get infected but I somehow developed a sensitivity to all metals. But only when it comes to my ears. Doctors say it is because of the infections. I'd wait for your daughter to make the decision.

Ashley P 0 likes

I got my daughters ears pierced when she was 8 weeks. Her doctor did them and she was knocked out asleep for the whole thing.! I say the younger the better.!!!

Jessica H 1 like

My mom pierced my ears when I was a toddler. I'm so glad she did. I got my ears pierced for a second time and have had nothing but problems with my second holes and none with the first. I have a two step daughters that got their ears pierced when they wanted. It has been aweful! I have a LO as well and I will be piercing her ears when she gets a little older.

Rachael B 1 like

I had my daughters done when she was almost 3 months (right after she got her shots) I think it's best to do it early when they can't play with their ears or notice that it's there. The baby will only cry for a split second and then move on to other things lol. As long as you keep up with the care, then I say go for it. Oh and I think they used surgical steel. It's been a while, can't remember at the moment lol smh

Can H 0 likes

I had my daughters done at 2 weeks.. There were no problems and she was to young to play with them so it was great!

Mely S 0 likes

I didn't it after the 2 months shot.! Doctor said it was ok. Lo hasn't even touch her ears yet..

Elizabeth P 5 likes

I agree. It's my daughter's body, so I'm going to let her decide.

Karrine D 0 likes

I haven't gotten my LO's pierced yet but I would go with gold because I was allergic to anything else, even surgical steel! I don't see why you can't get them pierced now. As long as you keep them clean I don't see a problem with it.

Kristy N 0 likes

I had my girls done the week of her 1st birthday. If you want them done while they are little they suggested to wait until after 9 months. I was told the earlobes are sometimes to small at only a couple months old, and can lead to crooked piercings. I was glad to have waited. She was a good girl and always sat still while I cleaned them. (And she learned high five! For being good!)

Dani N 0 likes

My mom did mine when I was little and I am glad cause I never had to worry about them growing over my cousin who waited til she was older ended up getting them pieced three times cause they kept growing in and I want to get my daughters done soon she is four months

Dee 2 likes

My mom waited until I was 13 to let me get them. I have decided when my two girls want them we will do it then. It's your choice.

Dani N 1 like

If they don't like them later they don't have to wear earrings

Jennifer B 2 likes

I was on the side of mothers saying "it is her body, she should decide." Still kind of am... Kind of. My daughter decided she wanted to get hers pierced at 6 years old. So, I took her... Now, she won't let me change her earrings out for anything, because she is afraid it will hurt! If she had had them done when she was little she wouldn't have known any different!

Jenny B 0 likes

It's okay to do pierce their ears after a 2 month check up and shots. I pierced my daughters at 2 months & she didn't even cry much I went to Claire's & got her 14k gold earrings & the give you the supplies to clean her ears 3 times a day.

Liz C 0 likes

Got my girls done at 3 months. Went to Claire's. Did 14k gold. Healed well. Babies had a little cry after each ear but no fussing after that.

Kelly T 0 likes

Got our daughters done at 5 months. 14k gold. Never had a problem she doesn't even know they are there.

Aysha R 0 likes

If your gonna do it , I'd do it soon . I waited until my first was 9 months to do hers and we ended up having to take them out bc she would not cooperate with cleaning them .

M. S 0 likes

I think it's their body they should get to make decisions regarding modifications to it. Once my daughter asks for them to be done and can comprehend what it entails then she can get it done (be it 3 years, 13 years or never!)

Perfectly M 0 likes

Wow. There is no reason to wait. If she doesn't like it later in life for whatever reason she can let the holes closes. Not some life altering crazy thing. I did my daughters the day she turned three months. She's eighteen months now and loves her "pretties." This is the best time to do them!!! Less risk of infection or pulling it out. I went to Claire's. We got $60 earrings that were surgical steel I believe. She needs new earrings.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Has risks. Yes but so do vaccinations and daycare etc. painful only for a nanosecond.

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