So every christmas my husband and i have the same argument. (This is our 3rd christmas with children) he always expects us to do presents in HIS childhood tradition. Ive tried to compromise a little but when i put my foot down and try to get some of my own traditions in or even yet start our very own he acts all butt hurt. He knows it bugs me but every year its the same thing. It makes the holidays no fun for me. PS his whole family is pushy like that.

J B 2 likes

Sounds like a tough situation. With so many traditions it might be nice to keep one of his, one of yours and also start a new one!! Can't have to many!!

Nikki 4 likes

Men are babies. And yours sounds stubborn like mine. Can you just incorporate your traditions in without him? Then once he sees how happy it made you maybe he will come around? It's your holiday too. I wouldn't back down. I didn't this year either. Mine tried pulling that crap too. This is our first Xmas with a kid and I refuse to let his sulking ruin it for me. I got his picture taken with santa, decorated the house and tree all by myself, well with my baby. Now he's coming around. Good luck!

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Jennifer, thats kinda how ive been trying to do it. He insisted we wrapped the Santa presents as his tradition was (mine was not wrapped) so i compromised and agreed they could be wrapped. But every year its an argument over everything else. I remind him that i gave up my tradition to have unwrapped santa presents but id like something to be how im used to and even make our own new traditions as a new family. He just gives me a blank stare like im taking his childhood away.

Mommy Of T 1 like

Nikki he allows me to pretty much do the decorating, not a whole lot of tradition there and as far as our tree we have created our own tree that embraces our kids and family. But yes he is very stubborn especially about the presents. Every year he brings up how it was done when he was a kid and wants it that way for ours and i have to put my foot down and he gets all butt hurt. Just getting frustrating after 3 years of a real christmas with our kids he is still doing this.

Nancy W 0 likes

I had kind of the same trouble, thanksgiving has never been my fav holiday (i grew up in Mexico and we never really celebrated thanksgiving) and Christmas has always been my holiday I like to go out loud with it for the kids, so me and the hubby talked about it and decided he does thanksgiving his way, and I do christmas my way! :) happy hubby happy wife!

Nancy W 0 likes

It's actually nice because on thanksgiving he does everything from decorations, dinner, cleaning... Etc etc and I get to go Black Friday shopping :) and Christmas he gets to go hunting while I cook and get ready for our Christmas dinner...

Lorene S 0 likes

The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Work at it around summertime, make a list of what you want and he make a list of his wants! Let children decide, incorporate them together. It says when you marry you become one flesh. You married him and if he respects and bends, like you do. That's a strength! If not than he's a bully that lets mommy and Daddy run his life, your children need to develop into adults, that compromise.

Hannah M 0 likes

My SO other always made a huge breakfast for his mom and her family growing up. That was his thing. My family always did simple breakfast food, fruit, muffins, stuff like that. To make it easier on me this year, my mom and Gram are bringing dishes over to my house so i dont have to do all the cooking, and maybe Cash can take a nap? Although SO cant be with us this year, i still wanted to do the big breakfast thing he brought to our family. I am making my famous hot cocoa bar for the kiddos too

Lacey L 0 likes

Oh boo! Bummer. What traditions are you wanting to do that he is being stubborn about? Men can be such babies I swear!

Mommy Of T 1 like

Lacey, he wants ALL but one present to be from Santa and only one under the tree from mommy and daddy. It was opposite for me. We got one decent present from Santa plus our stocking and then 3-4 gifts from mommy and daddy. This year my daughter is getting her first bike from Santa. While we were wrapping the rest he says "ok so which one is from us?" I looked at him crossed eyed cuz its like UH the BIKE! Pretty damn good santa present but he had to go on about how everything was from santa. Argh

Mommy Of T 1 like

Also my santa stuff was left by our fireplace because thats how santa came in. His were under the tree with everything else. He argues that it all needs to be under the tree.

Lacey L 1 like

Oh man! I was raised exactly like you...1 kick ass present from Santa and our stockings..sometimes we would one or two extra presents from Santa, but we always got cool stuff from mom and dad too. That sucks. Hang in there...!! You're not alone. Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

Mommy Of T 0 likes

We had a great childhood then when it came to santa! Lol. But this year did turn out great. My daughter was very ecstatic to see the bike she asked santa for plus her stocking FULL of other goodies. Its just the days leading up to christmas that my hubs makes annoying. Hopefully we get it figured out soon before the kids are older and start figuring it out. Would like to come up with some set tradition before then! Lol

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