So 6mo DD has mastered (and loves) puffs. What's good to try next? No dairy (yogurt drops) cause she has an allergy. I was thinking cut up green beans? Something that mashes well in their mouth

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There is gerber lil' churches they look like cheese curlers and they melt in the mouth easy to break down to smaller pieces

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Oh yea! I like those lol I'll have to look at ingredients though :/

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Yes! Watch those ingredients. No need to give baby preservatives for as long as humanly possible. Here is my plan -- we start solids next month... (Cont.)

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Try one food at a time, then wait 4 days to see if baby has an allergy: Start with these: Applesauce Bananas Sweet potato By 7 or 8 months, add: Avocado Pears Mashed egg yolk (no whites) Minced meat (chicken, lamb, turkey, or beef) By 9 months, add: Whole-milk yogurt Cheese Pasta Beans Wait on these until at least 1 year: Nuts (especially peanuts) Chocolate Egg whites Honey (spores of Clostridium botulinum) Cow’s milk Wheat Citrus fruits & juices Tomatoes Strawberries

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Any cooked veggie- carrots, squash. Bananas (watch for constipation). Cheerios.

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My LO loves mum mums. The dissolve easily in their mouths so no worrys of choking.

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Emma eats really well and has been eating puréed food since 4 months. She gagged really bad on puréed bean, peas and corn. I think it was the texture of the skin. It's tougher. Just something to watch for. She's just starting to eat those now at 8 months.

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My son has a dairy allergy also. We liked the Gerber trays with fruit or vegetables. They're cut up and soft. Or the Gerber meat sticks cut up into small pieces. They're very very soft

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We have a diary allergy too. We eat puffs, bananas, peas, oranges, I found a non dairy soy yogurt at whole foods and lots of veggies

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Green beans was a fail like I figured, she spit it out. It's like she knows her colors and cries with anything green hahaha I forced puréed green beans in her yesterday so she doesn't turn orange! JC was is the yogurt called? I'll have to look at it cause she has a soy allergy as well HA she's a basket case 😉

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