For all the moms who love where they get snow in the winter. When you go to take baby out do you put the snowsuit on baby and put in cat sets or do you put in car seat and then snowsuit when you arrive where you are going?

A V 3 likes

When my oldest was a baby I only put the snowsuit on him when he would be playing in the snow. All the other times I had him bundled up in warm clothes and blankets and the heater ready and already warm in my car.

Kylee P 0 likes

Make sure when you get them in the car that the only have a light jacket when strapped in to the car seat and then a blanket or winter coat over them. If they are wearing there big winter coat under the straps you will have to loosen them and in the event of an accident the coat will compress and your child could be launched out of there care seat.

Ivy O 0 likes

I bought a cover for my sons car seat as we'll as a thing that looked like a sleeping bag that had holes for his car seat buckles to go through.

Amanda T 0 likes

Depending on how cold it was, I had a car seat cover that would keep him insulated and I would put a blanket in there with him because it gets really warm in there with the cover. But we've had some subzero temps last winter so I would do the snow suit and cover and a blanket.

Chelsea R 0 likes

I put baby in car seat and put a carseat cover over top the seat to keep him warm. No snowsuit. It's not recommended to wear snowsuits in car seats in creates too much of a gap between babies actual body and the straps.

Staci B 0 likes

I always put my son in his snow suit and then put him in the car seat

Erin H 0 likes

I dressed mine in warm clothes a fleece jacket with a blanket and a car seat cover over her. Once in the car blanket came off and cover came up. I like heat so she was always confy. I only used her snow suit when we went outside to watch my hubby shovel. Lol

Amy S 0 likes

I put a fleece light weight coat on him and then I just put a blanked over him. I live on central New York we get a lot of snow. Good luck. Hope this helps

Mandy H 0 likes

I lived in upstate NY when my babies were little and I never used a snowsuit when they were in the car seat I used a car seat cover and a fleece jacket under... I tried a snowsuit once and it made my oldest sweat so badly that he was wet through the suit which is worse than just being cold.... And when I say upstate NY is cold consider negative 20 a normal in the winter... You can put too much on your baby which is just as bad as being too cold and they should only have thin jacket when in CS

Leslie D 0 likes

Warm sweaters that aren't bulky. I put a coat on from car to inside but never wear coats in car seats or boosters.

R L 0 likes

The bundle me is great for that kind of situation if you'll only be outside a short while- if the baby will need a snowsuit cause you'll be spending more time outdoors I would just look for one that zips all the way down to the toes... That way you can open it up the entire way in the car and zip back up when it's time to go out- (especially if the baby is still the age of falling asleep right when u start driving)

A W 0 likes

Always after. The extra puff from jackets makes the car seat belt looser. In the event if an accident baby can slide right out.

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