Small lump under armpit, new, breastfeeding 6 days pp. same breast I usually get less from... clogged duct? I'm A little nervous bc it's A lump and never bf my first.

MommyJ 1 like

Found this online for you. I hope this helps. Did you call your doctor yet? Hugs 💗Bria Bella💗

Bria B 1 like

MommyJ thank you. I am going to call tomorrow !!

Taryn B 2 likes

I had lumps in my armpits while breast feeding. Caused by milk ducts that weren't Being drained. They got better as after a few weeks when your milk levels out.

Nallely D 1 like

Massaging it will help the milk get going . I had and still have some because I'm Overproducing Breastmilk .

Bria B 1 like

Thank you ladies!!

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