Hi everyone! My 2 1/2 month old seems to really be chewing on things lately. His bink, fingers, blankets... I know it sounds crazy but could he be teething this early? Is it safe to get him a teething ring this young or should I just let him soothe himself naturally with fingers and such. Thanks!

Christie B 0 likes

My 1 1/2 month old is doing the same thing and it is is possible. My nephew got his first 2 bottom teeth at 3 months old. Personally I would stick to letting him gum on your fingers or a cold washcloth until you actually see teeth cutting through. Have you talked to your pediatrician?

J B 4 likes

Once baby's discover their hands & feet, they gnaw on them. Once they learn how to hold objects and bring to their mouth, they chew on everything. Also, between 2-3 months their saliva glands start working and produce saliva. They will drool like crazy until they learn to swallow it. This is most likely the cause and not teething. True teething you will see teeth erupting the surface within 1-2 weeks.

Yuliya V 0 likes

Mine started doing that at about same age.

Lisa P 1 like

Agree^^. My LO is almost 4 months and has been obsessed with her hands for the past month, and lives to chew on her burp cloths as well. As long as baby doesn't appear to be in pain, just another exciting milestone:)

Mother Of A 0 likes

Baby's tend to bite everything when they start discovering their hands. My son is the same way. He just turned 3 months yesterday and he has been drooling and chewing/sucking on his hands and everything that comes close to his mouth. My ped told us at his 2 month he was teething, but we might not see anything break through for another couple months. He loves the frozen washcloth or a frozen teething toy. We have to hold it for him, that might be the only downside lol

Amanda K 0 likes

Yes it's probably teething. My pediatrician said babies teethe for months before the tooth actually pops through!

Melissa C 0 likes

My son started teething at 2 month, it doesn't sound crazy some babies are born with teeth.

Jaxton's H 0 likes

My first son cut his first tooth at 2 months it's very possible

Rach R 1 like

My baby girl is the same age. From what I researched, it's a developmental milestone.

Liz C 1 like

My girls are 2.5 months as well and love chewing on things as well (hand, fist, bottle nipple, toys that are close to their face) It's a good sign. He's reached a milestone and doesn't necessarily mean he's teething. πŸ‘

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