Should I go to the doctors office to get her ears pierced or is it safe to get them done at Claire's?

Lanae M 0 likes

No don't take her to Clair's. it's better safe then sorry !

Penny L 1 like

Most people just go to the mall or to a tattoo parlor with great ratings.

Shannon M 0 likes

Merle Norman is good and very clean.

S T 0 likes

Doctors office or reputable tattoo/piercing parlor only. The piercing guns at Claire's and places like Claire's cannot be fully sterilized. Plus the staff at Claire's are not properly trained on piercings (just how to use the gun).

Chrissy A 1 like

Go to a proper piercing place that does all body parts as they have really high standards and training.

MAMA B 1 like

I wouldn't go to Claire's because they have to do them one at a time!! Find a place where there are two girls that can do it at the same time!! Good luck

Gisela P 1 like

I would go to the doctors office

Celeste S 1 like

Merle Norman is where I took my girl. Don't go to Claire's.

J B 0 likes

When my daughter is old enough to ask for her ears to be pierced I plan on taking her to the doctors to get it done. Can't go wrong there!!

Cassandra M 1 like

Do not go to the mall/Claire's. You need to go somewhere where they are highly trained and sterilized. My two Little sisters' piercings have grown uneven due to ear trauma. A small hollow needle should be used to allow correct healing (it removes the tissue where the earring is to be placed. A place like Claire's use guns that they load studs into- this makes that tissue move out of the way... This can cause scaring and issues with healing. Not to mention they cannot be sterilized completely.

Angela R 0 likes

Clair's will do them two at a time if they have the staff for it...Walmart can do it though, they will just call another staff member over to help (that's what they did for my daughter) I didn't know they pierced ears at a doctor's office though

Chely M 1 like

I say doctors office, better to be safe Bc you never know! ๐Ÿ˜

Tsaiann ( 0 likes

At any jewelry store shudda be fine

Nicole 2 likes

Doctor office

Hillary L 0 likes

They pierce ears at doctors offices?? Had no idea

Dina K 0 likes

I would go to the doctors office

Angela K 0 likes

I didn't know drs offices pierced ears...

Kristen 0 likes

Doctors offices pierce ears? Never heard of it?? Where are you all from?

L C 0 likes

They do it almost all peds offices just ask

Ariana A 1 like

Get them done where they use a needle not a gun, the gun is not sanitary at all and Claire's Is the worst place. good luck Hun

Carly H 0 likes

I did Claire's when my daughter was 2 and it was great. They did both at the same Time. I watched and made sure they sanitized everything. Kept up with cleaning. Never an infection or anything.

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