Is greenish yellow kind of seedy poop normal for a 2 month baby

Nichelle O 0 likes

I think so, but my daughter had a digestive issue when she was a newborn to about 2 years old.

Mandy R 0 likes

Yes! My two month old is nursed and formula fed and his poops look like this :)

Kristina L 0 likes

Yes very normal. Especially if you are breast feeding.

Tiffany S 0 likes


Amber B 0 likes

Yup perfectly normal!!!

Chrysta P 0 likes

Especially if breastfed. Babies poop can be multicoloured lol - it's gross actually hahahah

Carissa S 0 likes

If you breast feed, then yes!

Lauren @ 2 likes

Yup! The poop colors to watch out for are red, white, and black.

Em L 0 likes

Oh yes

Paula G 0 likes

I concur with Lauren , but I'd like to add.... To watch out for no poop.

Stacy A 0 likes

Yes! Fun fact: I read that greener poo means it was in system longer.

M W 0 likes


Ashley B 0 likes

Yes. Very normal! :)

Jesika B 0 likes

Welcome to the wonderful spectrum of poop color and texture! Isn't it fun? Never thought you'd study the stuff did ya? LOL I think anything on the green to yellow scale is normal for that age. Just wait till they start eating blueberries! ;)

Gillian C 0 likes

Yes if your breastfeeding it is normal

Jessica W 0 likes


Jessica K 0 likes

Seedy poop! Lol I remember those!! But yes, if you're breast feeding it is normal

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