I'm 35 weeks with my second...anyone care to share their birth story? :)

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I was 37 weeks pregnant and measuring two weeks ahead. Went and had my cervix scraped walked around the county fair that whole day woke up around 8 and I sneezed and my water broke. Called my mom to take me to the hospital where they confirmed it and they admitted me around 9. I wasn't having any contractions yet so they started me on patocen (meds to start contractions) started having contractions around 2 and had them until about 3:30 and I got a epidural. Once I got my epidural I started

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I had a great pregnancy, labour & delivery! My whole pregnancy went fantastic. My water broke on its own at 6:15pm Friday June 14th, 2013(35 weeks 6days) I was at the hospital at approx 8:30pm. 9pm - 2cm 12:30am - 3cm(started to get discouraged) 3:30am - 10CM!!! 4:40am - started pushing(my husband left the room and my mom stayed with me. My husband absolutely hates seeing me in any pain) 5:05am - my daughter was born @ 36 wks exactly So my water broke, laboured & delivered in just under 11 hours

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Calming down and her heart rate started dropping so they had me on some oxygen. Wasn't on it long and they said she was better. Was in labor until 11:10pm and I started feeling her move down and they decided it was time. I pushed for about five minutes and she was here. Jordyn sue Hornback was born at 11:18 pm weighed 7pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long and she was perfectly healthy!

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I was induced two weeks early and labor with her was a breeze compared to my first child, I was induced at 5 am and had her by 12 no pain at all (thanks to epidural) and only took three pushes! It was amazing!

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Well I was due September 6th.. On September 1st at 2:30am I woke up feeling like complete crap, my whole body was like a balloon. Went to the er, was told I had preclampsia and told I was going to have a baby.. So they induced me, broke my water, gave me an epidural at 12pm I was dilated to a 5. By 2:30pm the epidural wore off and I was dilated at an 8. By 3pm I was at a ten and had to start pushing. Well while pushing my son wasn't coming out, they tried the vacuum, still no baby and then all

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Of a sudden his heart rate started dropping really low, and mine started spiking up. Put me on oxygen, didn't help. So I had to have an emergency c-section. I felt them cutting me open, they didn't give me any pain meds until they had already took my son out and they over dosed the meds so I passed out for over 2 hours. So I didn't even get to see my son.😞 he was born at 5:51pm, weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 21 3/4 inches.😊

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baby 1- I was induced a week early due to complications and they thought he was extremely large. I was in labor for 26 hours no epidural. Baby was faced upside down and I was about to get a c section when the nurse turned him and I felt the urge to push. He was born within 8 minutes. Only 8lbs. But the cord was wrapped around his neck. He was ok though. I tore so bad I had to have reconstruction surgery and a blood transfusion, doctors fault as my son didn't even have a cone head.

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Baby 2- I was once again induced due to complications more serious this time but the doctor was dead set on vaginal birth. I however was scared to death because of my last birth. I was in labor for 16 hours with no progression past 4cm started at 1cm. I asked for the epidural and they came to check baby and he was breach. I opted for the c section and it was the best decision I could have made. My recovery was a breeze and I got to hold baby right away!!

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Passed my mucus plug at 37 weeks 5 days, was in early labor all day with irregular but fairly close together contractions, went to the hospital at 11PM. Midwife said I was only 1.5cm and was in the process of discharging me when my water broke with meconium present. She checked me and I had already dilated to 4cm. Barely over an hour later (no time for an epidural) my son was born, 6lbs9oz 19in long. He was deep suctioned at the bedside but was perfectly fine. I had stage 2 internal lacerations.

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Was 37 weeks, on my 36 weeks I got my thread taken out. Had bad contraction that whole week. They were to far apart so I could handle them. The day I turn 37 weeks my water broke. Was in labour 23 hour and 27 minutes had to get c section because he was stuck. Had a 5lb 6oz baby boy. I'm a Petite woman that's why he was small and I had difficulties pushing him out. I'm a FTM and would gladly go through the pain again. I only got an epidural when I had to get the c section. Good luck 😊

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Thank you for sharing everyone!!! 😊

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