For anyone with a four month old, what's their typical sleep schedule?

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My daughter is 4 months her bedtime 6:30-7 wakes up at 3 for feeding then 6 just to get up and I'll put her in bed with me to get an extra hour of sleep so she will wake at 7/30-8 (:

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Bath at 7. Nurse at 8. Sleeping by 830/9 ish. Up at 2 and 5 for 10 minute feeding. Wakes up for the day around 830

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Bath bottle at 830. Bed by 9-915. Sleeps til 5 or 530 eats then naps until 8. Up all day with two naps between 2-3 hours each.

Laura L 0 likes

My son takes very very very short naps during the day and goes to bed at 930 after a bath and his bottle which I started to mix with cereal , wakes up once at night for feeding and sometimes will sleep until 9-10am

Ana S 0 likes

Bath time, bottle, asleep by 8 pm, wakes up around 630-700 am, bottle and anothe nap till 9 am

Teri L 0 likes

Idk cause my 3 mo is fighting naps but he is sleeping longer at night. He is almost 4 months. Bath nurse bed at 9 gets up around 2 back to sleep until about 4 and nurses. Back to sleep until about 7 am

Fab M 0 likes

Bath, bottle, bed at 10 - 5 bottle back to sleep until 9

Tee M 0 likes

Lately my 4 month old DD has pretty much been resistant to naps during the day. It changed as soon as she turned 4 months. She still sleep well at night, but it's like pulling teeth to get her sleep during the day 😩

Melissa A 0 likes

Bath bottle bed at 7:30. Wakes up around 5 for a bottle then back to sleep till 7

Tasha B 0 likes

Bed at ten sleeps til 630 then up til a 15 min nap at 230

Nicole S 0 likes

Bath at 7:15pm. Bottle at 7:30. Crib at 7:45ish. Sleeps until about 7:15am. Then bottle at 7:30am. Naps from 9-11am and 1-3pm.

Mommy T 0 likes

My son is 4 months. He wakes up at 730a goes back to sleep around 830 and sleeps about an hour. He wakes up plays then takes another nap around noon then another around 5 we go home from work and he goes to bed at about 8 wakes up at 1030 for a bottle then goes back to sleep all night. His naps change depending on the days and his mood. Some days he'll only take 1 nap other days he'll take 4 naps but he's always in bed around the same time

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Up at 6:30am, half hour nap at 9:30, hour nap between 1-2, nap at 6 and in bed at 10:30, sleeps through the night.

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Thank you moms! My four month old is getting Into a schedule. I wanted to see where other moms were with their little ones and compare our schedule. Thanks again.

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