SmartMom answers your most important parenting questions on the these topics and beyond.

MadMax M asks Which name do you like better? Makensley or Millyana.

Julie M asks Anyone have any experience with Trulicity?? Found out I'm pre diabetic and looking to hear honest experiences with the medication.

Abby asks i have been soo stressed, i’ve had 2 really big babies both over 10 pounds and now my third at 24 weeks was weighing in in the 90%. my doctor drilled me and told me i needed to watch my weight so i wouldnt have a really big baby again. i’m now 27 weeks and probably put on another 3-4 pounds even tho i’ve been watching what i’m eating and only treating myself to a dessert on sunday. i have no idea what else to do, any mommas have any advice on how to lose or keep my weight in check while pregnant

Kart&Kels M asks Any moms have laser hair removal? If not what other ways are their to permanently get rid of excessive Facial Hair? My side burns will connect if I don’t cut them!

Kart&Kels M asks My kids are horribly Allergic to mosquito Bites, and when I use OFF or Cutter sometimes their skin breaks out. I've Recently started applying Essential Oils to their skin and it helps but I feel like it's Not lasting as long. Do you ladies have any other ideas Or helpful tips? Any product reviews? (When I say allergic I mean they swell up and have to take steroids, allergy meds 2x’s daily, and antibiotics)

Mel Marie asks Oh boy! I took several Tests and they're All saying pregnant! I'm Waiting on my insurance to come in so I can't Make a doctors appointment And I'm Kind of freaking out until then. So to keep my mind busy, what are the must haves? The cute things? Best pump? My youngest is nearly 6 and I feel like it's Forever Ago! (Side note, how is it being pregnant With Covid? Will my fiancé be allowed into the ultrasounds?)

Brandi T asks I'm full time Caring for my sisters twin girls, what's A good twin carrier? A wrap? 2 ring slings?

Ariana asks After having a miscarriage , do you go to the doctor? Is there anything they need to do to make sure all tissue etc is out? I was only 6 weeks along.

Ginny asks My husband and I can't agree on whether to find out the baby’s gender. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't Want to know, he does. This is our third baby. 2 boys so far. What do I do???

Michelle A asks Hello Mommies, How many of y'all deal with your partner/husband having kids from another woman? Is it difficult to deal with the other baby momma? Just looking for some advice. Currently in a situation where my boyfriend has 3 other kids with another woman and a newborn with me. I have a very hard time with thinking he's not loving my baby the same as his other kids. Any suggestions, advice? Would really appreciate it!