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Abby asks this may sound selfish but i’m really irritated that my obgyn is only seeing me every 8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks like usual before this covid happened. i totally understand why but it gives me more anxiety then i already have not being able to hear the heartbeat every 4 weeks. i’m already 16 weeks and have a virtual appointment this friday but just dissapointed i dont get to hear heartbeat 😞😞😞 ive only seen/heard the baby one time this whole pregnancy 😩☹️

Boymom asks Hi moms! I know I've seen a post before about nap mats. My son will be starting kindergarten. What is the best napmat? I remember Some moms talking about a specific brand but I can't remember What it was. Thanks! 😀

Heather H asks Any moms with Type One Diabetic children? What are your plans for the upcoming school year? Our county has proposed a plan where there will be a rotation of students in the classroom for 1 week then at home doing online school for 2 weeks. Or there is an option for a full semester of online academy. We can't Seem to make a decision on what's best.

Mama O asks People have been saying that it's “cheaper to keep him” regarding a divorce involving kids. We don't own property. I used an alimony calculator online and I might have to give him up to $2000/mo that's not including child support. He's not working. Alimony isn't for forever, probably 3yrs. I believe my happiness trumps everything. This shit is going to be expensive!!

Pearl A asks Have you guys had the stranger talk to your toddlers? My daughter is very friendly and greets people all the time ( we showed her manners) and I feel like she's getting a little overboard she starts talking to strangers and i'm really worried about it . The other day she opened the door to one of those PG&E workers (we race to the doors and she beats us to open it)

Mandy A asks Moms!! After like 10 months of trying I finally got a positive pregnancy Test ❤️❤️ now it's Been 6 years since ive been pregnant, I feel like I've Forgotten so much 😂 I believe I'm About 4 weeks right now, can't Get an appointment until august due to covid. What are some of the things you all did to stay healthy and in a good mindset in the first trimester? Thanks!

Mama Of M*** and A*** asks How accurate covid19 active infection test? Could it be false positive?🤔🤔🤔

Lexi M asks So my son and daughter are officially Getting their own rooms since she is now moving up to a twin bed and we found lots of amazing girly decor that she LOVES which was pretty easy but my poor boy who just turned 6, pretty much just likes Minecraft and YouTube and I just can't Get my hands on any Decor that isn't $100 a piece. (Exaggeration) can you ladies post a pic of your boys’ rooms? I need inspiration!

Janey H asks Mommas I need help with gift ideas for my 5 year old boy! I'm stumped..

Jen A asks Hey Moms! My best guy friend and I dated for a couple of weeks many many years ago. We both moved on but always remain friends. But everytime we see each other (once a year!) he brings up my ex boyfriend whom he knows from his line of work. I don’t understand why??