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Mommy O asks What do you ladies do with your old drivers license? Do you keep it? Throw it away? Shred it?

girlmom x asks Today I cut the entire yard about 2.5 hrs worth of work, went to Aldi for groceries and picked up my grocery order from Walmart. When my husband got home I got a call from my mom. Apparently my dad has prostate cancer and went in for surgery today to have it removed. Like WHY am I just now finding out about this?!? Yes, I'm so thankful it was caught in time and it was removed but why do they always leave me in the dark about stuff like this!?! Ive got so many emotions right now 😭

Morgan B asks How do I keep my kids out of my bed at night 😩 every night they will come in and its so tiring. They are 4 and 3

Mommy And M asks Just curious Moms. What's your happy temperature for your A/C at home?

Mommy O asks This kid seriously loves chicken wings lol I probably can feed him Just chicken wings and he will be so happy. Pic in comments

Aimee A asks Zoey (2 months old) was having her bedtime bottle and started choking and then threw up. Not spit up. THREW UP. The entire bottle it seemed (though she only drank half of it) It even came out of her nose. I changed her and she is totally fine, laying in her crib and she’s happy. She's not warm or anything. Should I finish feeding her? Or just leave her? Do you think she threw up because she choked so it all came up? Or do you think it's from her shots yesterday? Also, it was in my bed. 👍🏼

T's M asks Need opinions. If you have wood paneling on the outside of your house shouldn’t it all go the same way? Like if one section is vertical shouldn't all sections be vertical? My husband said it doesn't matter and I think it has to all be the same

Kathleen C asks But what will my ex boyfriend and his mother do next to try to get me out of the apartment?

Kathleen C asks So my ex boyfriend got an injunction against me and I talked to a lawyer and she said that it will not be granted because there is no violence going on. I have never put my hands on him nor have I ever said that I would hurt him. I don't own any weapons. And she told me that he has gotten a bunch of injunctions against other people and all of them have gotten denied so I copied down the numbers and names so I can show the judge in court that he is retaliating against me and abusing the system.

SesameStreet M asks I might just do the holidays here this year. I'm tired of the stress of traveling. Plus I work the day of Christmas eve. I'm tired of family pulling us in all directions. I just want one weekend with nothing to do! That would be lovely.