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Gabriella C asks Can anyone tell me what they think this is my 3yo toddler has? A rash on legs, back of arms, and little on face. No fever, no cold. Red bumps are itchy and inconsistently sized in groups. She's happy as can be. Attends Dayschool 3x week. Mosquitoes Are an issue, but not this bad. We noticed this today after she got home from school. Any opinions please welcome.

Nata C asks I had my second child almost 2 years ago, and I can go for a run without a pad. Soooooo amberassing wa! Gym is out of the quest

Brandi T asks Nash lost his first tooth today & will be 5 in 9 days 😭

James&Jack’s M asks I am a new mom (I have a 6 year old step son but just had my first a month ago). I get really bad anxiety about going anywhere alone with my newborn. To the store or doctors appointments. I feel like I need someone with me? What if he starts crying in public and I can't Calm him? Is this normal? How can I calm my nerves?!?

Samantha S asks Hello I'm new here. My name is Samantha I'm a mother to a 8 year old boy. My son has adhd which makes a little difficult. I want or need help in different approaches to work with my son.

girlmom x asks Just got a call from the pharmacy that Jo’s rx for Eucrisa would cost us $646 out of pocket. Like is that stuff made of gold?!?

Stephanie B asks Moms that are dealing with kids with this awful cough virus right now. How long did it last? What did you give your child? My son is 2.

Emily N asks Struggling.... My daughters father and I decided to get back together. After a long two and a half years. Our daughter is now 4. He missed a big part of her life for a long time. Missed her 2nd and 3rd year of life. It's Now been 6 months and she says her daddy is mean and that she doesn't Like him because he puts her in time out. His comment was “shit like that makes me feel like I should've Never came back in her life, she doesn't Respect me” That comment, crushed me. I just feel destroyed.

Tiredmama asks Okay, mamas, I need your help! I took a pregnancy test today (an heb brand) and after 3 minutes I could see an EXTREMELY faint line. I almost couldn't tell if it was a line or if I was crazy. I even took the test apart, because the clear plastic over the testing window was too reflective. I checked about 3 hours later (I know, you're not supposed to trust them after 10 min), but it had a faint blue thin line. Anyway, what do y'all think?

Diana F asks Welcome baby Milo ❤️