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Kim M asks NBR has anyone been diagnosed or dealt with borderline personality disorder or more specifically quiet borderline personality disorder?

Mommy And M asks My wife and son went out of state to see her family because her grandparents are not doing well. I talked to him on FaceTime this morning and asked him if he missed me. He said, oh boy, I sure do! Sweet boy. They will be gone a week. I'm trying to do nothing while they are gone. Just going to work and resting.

Stephanie asks My son will be going to TK next year. I don't have to walk him into class I just drop him off in the kindergarten line. Hes still in a 5pt harness. My question is, should I leave him in his 5pt harness or should I put him in a high back booster. I watched the kindergarteners get dropped off this morning and they are all in like booster seats and the parents stop and the kids just hop out.

2Sweet B asks Is it normal I don’t know how long I want to breastfeed for? Right now she's only 3 months, I know I don’t want to go passed a year though.

J. L asks My LO Jillian is a smart cookie. She realized she gets an M&M every time she pees on the potty. So she just peed 5 times in a row, a few drops at a time, so she'd get an m&m every time 😂😂 My oldest was like "Mom, how is she even doing that?!"

Tiffany P asks I'm not a reader. Gimme a book to read to fall in love with it please. Something short and doable.

Elli B asks When did yall give baby a blanket or something to cuddle in the crib? She keeps getting her blanket from her car seat and lays her head on it on the ground 🥰

Sarah L asks Our healthy boy was born on Tuesday through emergency c from any c section mamas??

Stephanie B asks How do you deal with your 4 yo daughter’s nasty attitude? Talking back, wining, tantrums and facial expressions like she hates you!

Kits M asks Has anyone's OB or Midwife okayed the use of Oragel during pregnancy? Google isn’t giving me a straight answer and their office doesn't open until 10am today. This tooth pain is driving me nuts