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ProudMommy w asks Hi hi moms, have a question , is it safe to thaw frozen turkey out on the counter overnight???

Morgan B asks I have a Dodge Charger and needing recommendations On car seats that will fit.

Ali B asks I have no where else to vent. My MIL has been staying with us for a few weeks helping us with the house. She leaves this Saturday And this morning as I was homeschooling my 7 yo daughter, and had my 2 yo beside me colouring, he walks into the kitchen and drops the cat food bowl everywhere and yells “ FUCK SAKES” right in front of the kids. In a tone that insinuated it was our fault it was out there. So I say “ it's Not our fault” and he lost it! Starts calling me a butch and how he's Not aloud..

Chell P asks Any mommas successfully started breastfeeding after stopping for a period of time??

Chell P asks I feel as if my 4 y/o son is feeling left out after having my daughter who's only 11 days old.. any tips? Just having some lol guilt & I know he doesn't Understand Why but .. it's Making me sad

Morgan B asks Middle name that goes with the name Jaxon?

Mallory F asks LO is 12 days old and constantly hungry! How many ounces do you feed yours at this age?

Mama S asks Any ideas on how I can make my sister, bil and their 13 year old son (my nephew) happy/enjoy the holidays? They lost their 3 year old son in July and we've All be hurting and struggling. I just so badly want to make them happy and somehow make Christmas enjoyable. I can't Even imagine what it's Like to loose a child.

Morgan B asks Have any of you moms been tested positive for group bstrep at 36 weeks?

Chell P asks feeling some mom guilt :( I just had my second baby 11.05.20 via c section and she was last hung in the hospital the first night then the second night she wouldn't latch at all .. and I had a mental break down after not sleeping for 4 days while they were trying to induce me. I asked for help so many times in the hospital and my baby girl just wasn't happy so I asked if we could supplement with formula and they gave me such a hard time besides one nurse who saw me upset and crying. After that..