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Tina P asks Hi , I was diagnosed With shingles 3 weeks back and it is on my left forehead and eye lid. Anybody here had a same case? Just wanted To know how much time it takes to recover ? I have been visiting My eye doctor and following All medication but it is soo slow recovery As of now.

SSZ asks Hi mamas I noticed people don't post as often what happen? Is it tick tick thats got ya occupied? 😊

Sharelle R asks Hello moms I haven't Been on here in months how is everything going ?

Mandy A asks What were some must haves in your hospital bags? It's Been 6 years since I had my first baby and I was pretty young so I didn’t know what to pack. I wanna be better prepared this time. Plus I know some of y'all Probably have some good ideas of things that might not seem obvious but end up being a life saver! Lol ☺️

Stephanie B asks What were the ages of your boys when they were successfully potty trained? 😳

Ayahs Mom A asks I gave birth on July via C-section (lost my baby due to small lungs and a condition named arthrogryposis) I have been having painful back pain even when I don’t work much at home, it's Not where the needle was injected, do you mommas think this pain will go away after a while?

Bria B asks Hi SmartMoms. Hope you are all well !! Checking in to say I wish you all happy holidays, and health and safety during this unprecedented time we're all living through. ❤️

Mel Marie asks Has anyone Had a swollen lymph node? I have one on my neck went to the ER for it, have antibiotics but it's Now getting bigger and hurts More? I don't Know what's Going on and with the holidays I can't Get an appointment. 18 weeks pregnant btw.

Ariana asks Is that abuse when your husband start screaming at you and the little kids start crying because they got scared?

Laybay❤️ K asks Do you ever just not know what to eat I haven’t eaten since breakfast And I'm Not starving but I really don't Know what im hungry for I just got home from work .. I though maybe so would have made something but nope so I'm Just like at this point shower and bed seems fine lol