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Alisha D asks Greetings ladies it's Been a while !!

Erica M asks Hi moms been out of this app for a good min. So much has gone on more negative Than positive

Julie M asks Well my daughter is turning 8 in April and had already started developing boobs 😞. They're not huge but noticeable under her shirts. I'm looking for some bras, bralettes or sports bras that will be comfortable for her. If anyone has some suggestions that would be super helpful.

Rose T asks What happend to this app ? No one Is answering anyone anymore

Mel Marie asks Does anyone have experience With Gestational diabetes? I failed my first sugar test and I’m freaking out and trying to prepare

Lucy V asks What helped increase your milk supply? Any ideas, besides pumping More? Supplements that helped?

Rose T asks Hello Is there anyone thier vagina Looks weird After having kids ? I have three kids , and I realized that the meat inside the vagina is little Bit out , does anyone else have the same ?

Lil B asks This app isn't Really active. Why? I come on here and nothing new. People barely even like and comment. Sucks.

Hi T asks Hi! What is the status of covid lockdown where you live? Are schools open? Ontario Canada schools are closed.

Tiffany asks For the past 2 1/2 years of my sons schooling the number one complaint would be his lack of focus. Which seems to be increasing. Has anyone had success With some form of medication? What was your experience With it? How did your child respond? Did it make an improvement? Thanks mommies🥰