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Rebecca P asks Would anyone have a code discount to WWE or monster energy super cross shows?

Brittanie asks I found out this week I will have to have another csection what are some things I can do or get to prepare for recovery? I had one with my son it wasnt planned and I wasnt ready at all so just trying to prepare this time anything to make it alittle easier thank you 😊

Janney G asks How do you get past cheating? Not physically so I think but more or so messages. Feel like strangling him as he sleeps (kidding. Just anger speaking) found messages on his phone with one of his classmates and I'm beyond pissed. I'm done. Almost 5 years of marriage this January. 2 kids under 5yo.

Diana F asks Personal intimate question : I am 3 weeks postpartum. I had no tears or nothing thankfully. My husband and I want to have sex but we have to wait for the six weeks appointment, would it be bad to try anal ?

Laybay❤️ K asks Only my dd would have such luck the day before we are going to have breakfast with Santa an photos.. 🤦‍♀️ first the cat scratched her by her eye bc she wouldn't Put her down then she goes an she's Playing with her dump truck An runs full speed ahead into the coffee table (it's Oval) .. yelp you guessed it black eye then we are getting ready for bed she running into her bedroom guess what she runs right into her door😳 big goose egg on her forehead. Now I'm Like do I take her to the hospital

Mama Of M*** and A*** asks Take it

Mommy Of 2 M asks Question My sons teachers go by there first name because It's Easier. I'm Making a personalized Gift do us there first name or last?

Mama S asks If you know what date you conceived, do most docs base your due date off that? Or is it always going to be the first day of your last cycle? We know the exact date.

Aashi B asks I am 21 weeks pregnant, this is my second pregnancy and I notice swelling on my feet already, my first pregnancy I had swelling but last 2 months, is it normal?

MommyJ asks Prayers Mama’s 💗 can I please Have your prayers. Going through a difficult Time.