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Mommy Of 2 Boys asks TMI SORRY LADIES!!!! Omg so I started my first real pp period yesterday. Ive has spotting and stuff before but never an actual flow. My period is SOOOO heavy! I filled a super tampon in a half hour! I woke up covered in blood cuz it's so heavy. Is it Normal for first postpartum period to be extremely heavy?

M+S X asks Any moms try everyone products? (Shampoo conditioner lotion soap etc)

Pilar M asks Nbr: But Im so happy the 💙 Dodgers won! 💙

Mommy ! asks How do you get swelling to go down on your private area after birth?

Stacey * asks Dd is in kindergarten and as we were talking about her day she mentioned no one would play with her at recess. This puzzled me and made me super sad to hear. She always had friends to play with in preschool and pre k. I don't even know what to say to her or do. I asked her if she asked if she could play with kids and she said she did and they said no. It seems like it wasn’t only today but most days.

Lizett C asks My 3 week old has some greenish goo coming out of her eye i don't know what to do 😭

Beth â asks Has anyone here ever donated eggs? Seriously considering it... but I think I want at least one more child of my own. I've read that it doesn't affect the ability to have future children. Anyone ttc after donating?

Carey A asks Hi Moms. If you owned a house with a backyard in a large metropolitan city... what business would you do from home? Maybe have groups of Moms come over and serve food and drinks and have a sitter and each Mom pays an event fee like $25/person? I'm looking for creative ways to use my home and backyard to make extra money.

Mommy Of 2 Boys asks I went to look at the weather and I seen it was gonna snow tonight I got all excited and then noticed my weather app was set for lake Tahoe! I'm so sad! I was so excited for snow

Marie A asks How big is your carry on bag when you go 1 night stay in Vegas or any out of state? I wanna pack light but ended up heavy bag 🙁. Me and my friends are leaving Saturday morning and coming back Sunday