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Stephanie B asks Anyone else have bleeding for 10 days? It continued 5 more days after my period arrived. On the mini pill. OB said stop taking the pill for a week and take iron pills. Will take a preg test, but pretty sure I am not preg. Not in pain at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anna N asks I'm a bit uneasy to ask..I'm guessing that's called “anxiety” what I'm living through lately .. Does anyone know how to cope with this? any advice is appreciated

Remixed M asks Any mamas here that never really cooked before but then taught themselves how?! I want to cook more for my family. I don't know where to start. Take a class? Cook books? Just do it? Need encouragement and less junk and fast food in our home! Thanks!!

Stephanie asks Man all the stuff I wanted to buy isn’t on sale with prime day 🤦🏻‍♀️ time to browse lol

girlmom x asks I woke up so excited that it is PRIME DAY 🤪🤦🏻‍♀️ ive already ordered a tv, 2 pack of amazon kids tablets for my twins, and a fire tv stick. Now my husband is looking haha. What're y'all getting?

Second Time M asks I swear I drink a cup of water and I look 3 months preg. What's up with that? 🙄

Nicole asks How long is too long to go without peeing? She's 3.5 We've been trying to potty train my daughter and she's hasn't peed at all in about 14 or so hours. Even in her sleep she hasn't peed. She's still sleeping so I'm hoping when she wakes up she will pee. It's just worrying me I don’t want her to get a uti or something

K P asks Can you all recommend a good jogging stroller that is good for road, sand, grass, etc...TIA!!

Natashia:Cinderella asks What are nice bridal shower gifts?

MommyofB ? asks Tomorrow i go sign up my daughter for TK. Im so excited yet nervous that she will start school already.