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Diana F asks My air wick wallflowers always stop working. It's So annoying. Does anyone know why ?

Stephanie B asks I take a work-out class with my 2 yo. three times a week. He gets very antsy. I bring food, toys, crayons, stickers. Still wants to get out of the stroller and he throws everything on the floor. Unfort., kids have to remain in the stroller during the work-out. I am afraid he will throw his iPad on the floor if we bring it! Any ideas that will keep him occupied?

Stephanie B asks Why does the Mom on Ryan’s Toy Review have such an annoying voice?!!

Nallely D asks What type of things keep your 4/5 year old entertained When they are home ? I need ideas my little boy is driving me nuts . He wants to play with me ALL the time and when I'm Not he wants me to watch Him play.

Mommy Of 2 M asks My ears are itchy it feels like I'm Getting an ear infection. 😫 how can I prevent An oncoming ear infection???

Stephanie B asks What age did you give your lo’s gum?

Lexi M asks Hey mamas! I need some advise. So my 4 yr old daughter has never liked mint anything, she says its “too spicy” okay cool no biggie right? Well, recently the only fluoride Toothpaste That she likes recently changed to put mint in with the bubble gum flavor!! 😫 we have gone through 6 different tooth pastes trying to find one that doesn't Have any mint. Do any of you know of any?! This girl who once LOVED brushing her teeth now fights and screams when the time comes. Please help!

Ann A asks Ideas or suggestions for a birthday party theme for my 3 year old girl????? She likes Minnie but done it two years in a row now! Her birthday is at the end of March so needs theme so we can get any idea for invites. Hmm maybe rainbows or stars she loves stars always about the moon and the stars and earth!! Hmm... or birds she really likes birds too or trains... hmm she's likes more than I realized. Help!?!?

Samantha J asks Best baby gate for a wall to banister staircase please!

Brittanyyy G asks I've Been apart of the SmartMom community for at least 5 years. And I'm Not as present anymore as I was years ago. But I would see many of you post about marital Problems or divorce and I would always hurt for you guys. Until today when my husband told me he wants a divorce, well except he hasn't Said those words but he wants one. Just is getting around saying those words. I don't Work, have 2 little kids a 5 yr old a 3 yr old. And even though this came out of no where he has been feeling like