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New Mom B asks I'm up to my wits ends with my 4yo. We moved in to a new house 3 weeks ago and I had his baby brother a week ago. He goes to the same school so at least that wasn't a change. But at home he will not go to sleep until 11-12midnight. I don't know what to do. We do the same routine as we did at the old house and still nothing. He acts well around his brother he just won't go to sleep. Any ideas? Thank you

Bri asks My almost 5 yr old is interested in yoga. Anyone know of good kids yoga videos We can use?

Clarissa K asks Oh my gosh ladies!!!!! My 11mo finished a yogurt and flipped out so bad that she stopped breathing while crying! But the worst part was when her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went limp! 😥 I'm so upset right now!!! She's ok now but still!

ProudMommy O asks My 5 year old son doctor said she believes my son may have anxiety and wants him to get therapy for it....has anyone been through this? She said this after I told her about about his night terrors and she seen how he freaks out at the doc office....

JVP asks Eczema... how old was your child with first sign?

Kart&Kels M asks Has anyone given their infants the Sambucol Elderberry for kids? My friend gives it to her son and he's 7mths..

RC asks Just killed 5 mosquitos within 15 minutes of being out on the porch with the kids and this is with citronella candles burning. The reason I hate spring and summer

Kart&Kels M asks Hey Momma’s my 7mth old is currently on an antibiotic. She doesn't seem to be getting better. Her cough and runny nose seems worse. Im going to call her Dr. In the AM but what are some natural safe effective suggestions to help with a cough and cold? ****Things I've tried already are: Humidifier, A couple of the Zarbees products, Antibiotics.

Latanya S asks My dd is super clingy. I love it! ,but, I do be wanting some space to think. Is anyone else children like this? She doesn't even like to go play with kids every time I'm around.

Aga D asks 26w and got mild anemia. Going to see gyno on Tuesday so not making any special changes till then. Any of you had anemia during pregnancy? I know it’s quite common and I'm not frekaing out but I'm just surprised.