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Cali^Mom asks My 5 year old keeps putting her hair in her mouth all the time. Any ideas on how to break the habit? She started it last summer and I just put it in a pony or braid every day until she stopped but now she's started it again and her hair is so long the pony or braid reaches to her mouth. I don't have time some mornings for elaborate hair styles. Help!

C S asks Best (light weight!!) travel crib for a 7mo who is 20+ pounds?? Our pack N play is SO big and heavy to put in a suitcase while flying on a plane!

Mindi E asks Any ideas on how to potty train little girls?

Sarah L asks Canker remedies?? Is there anything I can buy to help ease the pain?

Sarah L asks I'm curious - Moms that have had a vaginal birth AND a c-section: what one do you prefer and why?

Tiffany P asks My lo in the last 3 weeks has started screaming bloody murder for 20 minutes after a nap. It doesn't matter how long of a nap she just screams. Diaper change, drink, cuddles, going outside, food, and nothing helps. Eventually she just stops but I don’t understand why she's doing it. She was always very happy upon waking up and now this. Ive not changed anything. I'm a little lost

Elizabeth S asks No judgement asking for a friend who I had the conversation with : but do you think that people should experience one last night with someone they wanted to have sex with before they get married for the rest of their lives??

Ryan K asks Another day another photo shoot!!!! She was totally fine in these pictures and two seconds later was screaming bc she got sting by a wasp. That was yesterday. She's still complaining the spot is bothering her, so im headed to get some essential oils.

Sara M asks can i eat shrimp? i'm 13 weeks along.

Stephanie B asks Any ideas for coordinating colors for a fall photo shoot? Thinking blues. 4 1/2 yo girl and 2 yo boy. I may wear a dress and tall brown boots.