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Anna N asks Hey there 🌸 I'm new!! I'm a first time mom, I have two step kids, a boy of 12 and a girl of 14, and a baby boy of almost 7 months. I'm trying to figure out this app: do you only ask/answer questions here or do you get to meet up for play dates as well?

New Mom 2 asks TMI! Im having diarrhea and I'm breastfeeding my 5 week old. He is gassy lately so do you think giving him breatsmilk now that my stomach is not right will make him even gassier! Thanks

Mama Of M*** and A*** asks My 5 year old having 101-103 fever for 3 days, I took him to the doctor, she said its just a virus.. he has a sore throat. No strep. No runny nose/cough.. im still worrying .. because usually ibuprofen or tylenol helps . But not this time.. any recommendations or thoughts ? Tia

Bria B asks Anyone skip a traditional crib? We did with my first not by intention but this time around we are short on space .. suggestions ? I was thinking a bassinet to start but at what age do they outgrow them?

C S asks Must have gear for a beach vacation with a 6mo and 3yo??

Ashley M asks Help I am struggling with meals. My son is so picky that I makes it so hard. Should I just make him eat what I make and be tough on him or make foods to his likes. Then they are more processed, let nutritious. My friend makes two separate meals for her kids then for her and her husband. That seems like way too much work

Mayra T asks Hello :) I am back! Took a break for a few months .. Before leaving I was pregnant with my second child πŸ‘ΆπŸ» .. he was born on May 6th at 36 weeks.. he is such a handsome little one πŸ’™ I will no longer return to work and will be a stay at home mom 😊

Second Time M asks Mommy And Momma where have you been?

Second Time M asks What do you love/dislike about yourself?

Mommy O asks My 3 1/2 year old has a big lump on the back of his neck (towards his right side). Swollen lymph node? Do I make a doc appt? It's so large and he says it does hurt him when we touch it.