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O & C's M asks Just read this and it rang true..⬇️

Mama S asks I could really use some kind words right now. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I've been physically and mentally miserable. I don't feel like my stomach can stretch or grow anymore, my ligaments hurt, and I'm always short of breath. Mentally, this darn virus is getting the best of me. I've been in quarantine for at least 9 weeks, (I've seen a few close people, distance of course) and I feel like people just don't get the fact that I can't be fully around them due to my high risk pregnancy. My friend 👇🏻

Elizabeth S asks It is not a baby question but I need advice - I got into helping to pay my best friends bills bc he was really struggling and still is but I feel trapped bc I want my extra money but I feel bad to leave him struggling

Tiffany P asks I have an iud and have a period every month but usually 5 days and light enough to use a panty liner only. I don't Remember My last period But I'm Sure I should’ve had one by now. Anyone have mirena and have their periods suddenly taper off?

Stephanie B asks Moms with VERY active toddlers, how the heck do you keep up?!! My2 1/2 yo is non-stop. He is always getting into things, behaving badly and I cannot take it!

Stephanie B asks Ok Moms, I started PT my 2 1/2 yo son. We have been sitting on the potty seat. I tried a step stool so he can pee standing up, but he freaked out. He likes wearing the pull-ups though. It was so much easier PT my daughter! Any recommendations? Thx!

Stay At Home M asks Can I still drink my morning espresso? I just got a positive Test today. That's All the caffeine I drink in the day!

Null N asks Has anyone has a miscarriage and kept on spotting/bleeding for 2 months after with cramps also? No fever or chills though.

Stay At Home M asks Is it normal to spot 5 days before your period? I'm Pretty regular Every 23-25 days.

Ellie M asks Mama’s - how and when did you know or not know that you were done having babies? Is there ever a time you feel like you “wanna” be done and feel done even if you feel a little sad maybe about it?