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Nicole asks So I got the liletta IUd 3 years ago, at that time the doctor said to come in in 3 years to get a new one. But now new research shows that it can be left in up to 5 years. I called planned parenthood and they couldn't give me any information because I'm not their patient. But I plan on going to them to get another one put in. I just don’t know if I need to get one now or if I can wait another 2 years.

Mj asks What's a good jumpstart to loosing weight!!! I'm literally gaining and gaining 😭

girlmom x asks We found the most perfect piece of land and we put in and offer and it was accepted! I can't wait to build our home on 5 peaceful acres!

Ronnie R asks If I have to listen to my DH grind his freaking teeth one more night I'm going to lose it!! All dang night if he's on his back he snores, quickly closes his mouth and grinds his teeth so they make that horrible squeeking sound, and does that over and over. All-night!! He had a mouth guard somewhere, but apparently I have to find it for him like hes one of our kids for him to care to use it 😤

“Superwoman” S asks Little Miss is ready for another day of school!!!

Stephanie B asks My friend’s daughter is in the hospital. Can I get her a gc for food or delivery? They are out of state and she goes back and forth to the hospital?

Stephanie B asks What age did you bring your lo to the allergist for testimg?

Ashley B asks Inexpensive birthday gift for a 4 yo girl? No more than $20

Lexie M asks Happy belated birthday to Chase!! Ashley B I meant to post yesterday but we were super busy ❤️🎉🧸

Lexie M asks Day 4 of Maeve up at 6am!! Guess this is her new schedule 😖