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Ashley M asks Just wanted to send a big shout out to Hudson & Hunter’s Momma for sending the formula for my step son. It arrived yesterday and they will be picking it up from us tomorrow. We are all incredibly grateful and he says that it will help them out a lot. Thank you so much for your generosity! 😁♥️

Cali^Mom asks Mommies, how do you organize your kids shoes? My little shoe diva has too many to fit in her shoe drawer and I'm at a loss on how else to keep them contained. Bonus points for pictures!

Nata C asks I'm listening to my husband breathing while he is sleeping, it's so fast and shallow. He is not even snoring. Will force him to go to ER tomorrow morning. High fever too

RC asks Does anyone order stuff from Wish?

Nata C asks If your husband is sick do you still sleep with him in the same bed?

J asks Hatchimals?! Are they as worthless as fingerlings?

mama m asks Where can I buy a kid friendly case for the iPad pro 11? We just bought one today and can't find one anywhere! Only the folio cases.

V R asks What shoes would go better? And is this color ok for a winter performance?

Brittney asks My husband HATES Christmas. I mean HATES it. And he is completely ruining it for me. His son is coming from FL (we live in Ca) and our kids are getting older so I want to make it special. He is just shitting all over it. Anyone else have a spouse like this? How do you handle it?! It makes me so angry.

KRM asks I wake up in the middle of the night to pump. What if I skipped tonight? I'm desperate for a long stretch of sleep 😫