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Stephanie B asks Is it normal for my 4 1/2 yo to tell me I want to be the prettiest girl at school today? Then she comes home saying she was the prettiest girl in her class. How are we supposed to react? I tell her everyone is pretty in their own way.

Christy H asks If you girls have not read “Girl, wash you're face” check it out. It's a book I think all of us need to read. It really got me thinking about things. I know I am always comparing myself to other moms especially and me not thinking I'm a good enough mom sometimes. It made me realize to stop it and I'm killing it as a mom.

Brandi T asks I've Not been getting any notifications Again 😩

Stephanie B asks Best warm snow boots for a toddler who constantly takes shoes and socks off?!

O & C's M asks “Comparison is the theif of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt ⬇️

Mama 1 asks I've tried giving my baby the oatmeal he hated it, I mixed it with fruit and he still hates it....he's Almost 6 months and ISNT interested in it all, any they NEED to be getting oatmeal?

Kristen G asks Has anyone stopped birth contol pill and got pregnant the month after? I'm about 5 weeks with no symptoms and I'm getting worried. 😕

O & C's M asks I love this! #letsjustdoourbest♥️

O & C's M asks OKAY, Y’ALL————>I don't care what you say, this is for ALL of us!!! 😉💕⬇️

Rebecca P asks Best place to print out pictures?