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Emma L asks Hi mommas new here looking for some mommy friends. I got four girls and a full plate 😅 any one else a girl mom?

Deann H asks Mother in law visits us 3 months out of the year... loves to take over and to show me how to raise the kids.. should I be annoyed or just let it be?? She's Leaving in a month. I just get overwhelmed Sometimes because I feel like I'm Doing everything Wrong. Like I'm Walking on eggshells in my own house .

Mommy Of 2 M asks Sorry need to vent.. Four years ago my hubby’s bro got himself in a pickle, and need to borrow $$$$ from my husband. Not going to say how much but it was a lot to the point it set us a little back from purchasing a house. Over the years he kept telling my husband he’ll pay us back soon. he moved to a diff state and we just found out that he purchased a house. Im a little annoyed bc I would think you will pay back the money you owe before you purchase a house for yourself am I right or wrong?

Nata C asks Do you guys allow your kids to use phones and tablets whenever they please? Yesterday was my 2yo birthday party and kids wanted to play an iPad game and I said ok, but then the yo feat started taking it and all the kids started fighting over it and getting upset. So I took the iPad away and nobody had it. My in-laws offered to give her a phone or even get her own iPad. I'm very strict with the technology and my relatives scolded me for that. I get it it's Tech age and all ...⬇️

Scarlett's & Sophia’s M asks With pregnancy #3 how soon did you show ?

V R asks Is it normal to have a 7 year old girl Have some type of discharge? I'm anxious To take her to the doctor's office right now just because Of the flu season and coronavirus going On.

Aashi B asks Second Pregnancy N 32 weeks pregnant n baby is transverse Position, any ladies here have to go through this, please share your experience

Hailey S asks Evaporation Line or faint positive ?

Randi S asks Just a mom who wants to make friends 🙂

Mayra T asks Been a SAHM since our LO was born .. he is currently 9 months ... we are on 1 income and boyyyyy is it difficult 😑 I know this is temporary and we will get through it❤️