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Shema asks Any moms on here delt with divorce? Let's Chat about it! #DivorceSupport

Ayahs Mom A asks Maternity Postpartum Belt for after Csection,any recommended brand?

Sarai F asks I AM BACK!! Missed u guys!!, hope everybody Is doing good 😃💕

Janey H asks Okay mommas ! This time of year again.. school! My little man is to be starting preschool, I'm debating on homeschooling, any one homeschool? Pro vs cons

Karen F asks What to do with your kids during quarantine??? If they stay inside they go nuts!

Tiffany asks I'm Entirely torn about sending my son to school this year. I desperately want the break during the day but I certainly don't Want him to get sick and bring it home with him. As much as I hate to take away the chance of making new friends, and getting a decent Education I don't Want to send him to school full time. He won't Get the same quality Of education At home either. With siblings Not in school it's A major distraction. I have to decide by tomorrow Wether it's School or home. Help! 😞

sunshinee☀️ asks Hey mommas so me and my fiancé have gotten on bored with baby number #2. I'll Be 8 weeks tomorrow but I need help 😩 this morning sickness is so bad idk how to explain it I can't Keep nothing down not even water , pretzels nothing any tips ? I haven't Had this with my first LO

Abby asks found out yesterday we are having another boy!!! i need some name ideas! i havent found one that i like yet and its driving me nutso. help a momma out. we have a daughter named hadley elizabeth and a son named oliver daniel.

Johana c asks i can't be possible how in the world!!!

Mama S asks Currently 38 weeks pregnant with a scheduled c section for Friday and I am sooooo ready. My body aches 24/7 now. Pray Friday comes quickly and for a healthy baby and delivery please! 🙏🏻